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E-Mail Scheduling – Boomerang

E-Mail scheduling is one of the important feature I rely on and most of them want this? My search for email scheduling started a couple of years ago. There are few third party web based email services which offers this feature to send mail later. The thing initiated me to write this article is native e-mail scheduling feature.

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E-mail scheduling is scheduling a mail to send at particular time in future, to brief, if you want to send a birthday wish to your friend by email on next week then you can compose a email today and then program it to send on his/her birth day time in future. What I meant native is the feature should be in-built instead of looking help from the other web services than current email service.

[sniplet postads] is one of the service which provides this facility to any one. It supports any email service provider. All you need is to have an account in it. But it is some what difficult to use, because the functionality is not native to your web based or email client.

Boomerang for Gmail

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Boomerang for Gmail is a plug-in for both Firefox and chrome. It is the most simplest and easiest way to schedule your email in Gmail. If you want see the Boomerang in action there is a video presented in the Boomerang website. To have an access to boomerang you need an invitation because it is still in beta version. Sign up with your information to get invited to try boomerang.

Boomerang is also available for outlook as a trial for particular period. E-mail Scheduling is one of the functionality Gmail is going to adopt in future.

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