How to Prevent E-Mail Account From Getting Hacked – Part -1 Local Hackers

Almost no one takes any preventive actions against hacking until they learn a hard lesson after their mail account or any web account was hacked. Okay, there are numerous pages in web about this topic, those will be summarized here.In below paragraph some of the important information is given for you to prevent your digital accounts.

Basic Preventions From Local Hackers:

First thing is first, that is your password. Local hackers (people around you, who know about you, collecting every detail of you which helps to hack your account) hack your password with some of your personal details like birthday, year, name, etc etc., [sniplet postads] So your password should not contain any of your personal details and should have special characters, numbers, caps. Why special characters and symbols, because it may cause more time to find your password just by increasing possibilities. See below table, it increase its time exponentially when you use random of all characters instead of only lower case.
Password Length All Characters Only Lowercase
3 characters 4 characters 5 characters 6 characters 7 characters 8 characters 9 characters 10 characters 11 characters 12 characters 13 characters 14 characters 0.86 seconds 1.36 minutes 2.15 hours 8.51 days 2.21 years 2.10 centuries 20 millennia 1,899 millennia 180,365 millennia 17,184,705 millennia 1,627,797,068 millennia 154,640,721,434 millennia 0.02 seconds .046 seconds 11.9 seconds 5.15 minutes 2.23 hours 2.42 days 2.07 months 4.48 years 1.16 centuries 3.03 millennia 78.7 millennia 2,046 millennia
Your security question is a second layer security to your account which usually be a easy way to get hacked. The forgot password attack is a very often and easy. So when selecting and answering your security question make sure that the answer is only known to you.

Best Practices In Home:

While you use “Password Remember” feature in browser, then you should not allow any others to use your system at least in your personal account of your PC. Beware of “Password Remember” feature, It helps local hackers. [sniplet postads]

Best Practices In Office and Other Public Places:

In public computers after your usage delete all your history, cookies [In Firefox, Goto Tools -> Clear Recent History] before you leave the computer. I recommend Private Browsing for people who using their account on the public systems like in Internet cafe. you can activate private browsing in firefox by clicking Tools -> Start Private Browsing (shortcut : ctrl+shift+p) and chrome by Settings -> New Incognito Window (shortcut : ctrl+shift+N). Key Loggers are program running in hidden mode, which saves every keystrokes that pressed in keyboard. usually these key logger program were set in Internet parlors which records your password stroke when you type it in the keyboard. If you suspect any key logger program in the system, just open the On Screen Keyboard  (OSK). Today every OS has this feature and most of the online banking website provide this in their website login page. [In windows type OSK in run command to open it]. [sniplet postads] Avoid loose talk about your personal details that relates to the security questions and your password regarding your web account. Never ever disclose your password with any one, and my advise don’t trust anybody in this. Always “Prevention is better than cure”.

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