How to Prevent E-Mail Account From Getting Hacked – Part -2 Remote Hackers

In part 1 we learned how to secure mail account from local hackers. Here we just gonna see how to prevent hacking from remote hackers. Remote hackers are hackers who reside in distant place from your location who might rarely know you who tries to hack your account. These Remote hackers handles multiple techniques to hack your mail accounts and other accounts. Some of the techniques were, [sniplet postads]
  • Mal-wares, Spy-wares
  • Viruses or Worms
  • Phishing  or Spoofing
  • Loop Holes in Operation System
I will write separate articles in “Ethical Hacking” section about the above techniques, and excerpt of the technique and how to avoid it is written below. Mal-Wares, Spy-Wares: Malware, short for malicious software, is software designed to secretly access a computer system without the owner’s informed consent, and Spyware is a type of malware. These Mal-wares comes in to your system without the knowledge of owner and runs in stealth mode. When it is running, collects the details like your keystrokes and other important informations and packs to the hacker. Hacker make use of these info to hack in to your account. OSK (on screen keyboard) is one solution to avoid the recording of keystroke when entering password. Even though it send other informations. [sniplet postads] Viruses: viruses is also like malware, while a virus can able to replicate and spread. You don’t need to download it, it may be transferred from portable devices like pendrives, cds and through Internet. These viruses are equipped to mostly destruct the information some times it transfers the information to other remote system. If you want to secure from the above automated hacker slaves, you need a perfect ‘anti-virus’. Do not trust free one if the information in your system and mail is more important. Loop Holes: Hackers have their eyes firm in the loop holes of the OS you using. Loop holes are like holes in a container and informations are like water in the holed container. If you want to save your information your OS should be updated regularly, Patches will helps you to close the loop holes and if you are using windows, check you are with the latest service pack. [sniplet postads] Phishing or Spoofing: Paypal definition for Phishing follows
A spoof or phishing (pronounced “fishing”) email is an email that is designed to look like it comes from a well-known company and that tells some story to get you to click a link or button in the email. The links or buttons in the email take you to a website that is also called a “spoof” because it, too, fakes the appearance of a popular website or company. The spoof site asks you to input personal information, such as your credit card number, Social Security number or account password. You think you are giving information to a trusted company, when in fact, you are supplying it to a criminal.
To avoid phishing use anti phishing toolbars like NetCraft. In Part 3 of this topic I will continue to write about Phishing and Spoofing.

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