Ethical E-Mail Hacking – Understanding Basics

What is Hacking?  Hacking is defined as intentionally accessing a computer without authorization or exceeds authorized access, and wikipedia says “hacker is a person who breaks into computers and computer networks, either for profit or motivated by the challenge”. Why Ethical Hacking? If a hacker tries to hack your computer system, you need to stop him and safe guard your system and personal data from hacking, To prevent hacking you need to know about it. Ethical Hacking is hacking someones system with good intention , and the person who doing ethical hacking is “Ethical Hacker” and widely known as “White Hackers”. Say example (!)if you try to find the hacker who hacked in to your system, (2)Paypal obtaining the information of some hackers who hacked in to the accounts of their customer. [sniplet postads] However, Hacking e-mail account is a different from ethical hacking, but by knowing ethical hacking you can able identify the hoax(spoof) mail, hacker, information about hacker, and at most your name will not be in hacker’s victim list. Before briefing in to the subject, here I am not going to explain the steps ‘how to hack any ones mail account’ instead I explain hacking techniques and how to find that if you are subjected to it as a victim. This will help you to stay away from hackers and guard you data from them. E-Mail [sniplet postads] E-Mail is expanded as ‘Electronic Mail’. E-mail is a digital message when composed by a user with the help of MUA(Mail User Agent) in a system sent to the computer network normally ‘internet’ using SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) to the ISP (Internet Service Provider) which resolves a domain name to determine the fully qualified domain name of the mail exchange server in the DNS(Domain Name System). After this, mail will be posted or delivered to the recipient using POP(Post Office Protocol) to recipient’s MUA. Keeping non technical person’s understandability in mind I am trying to mute the technical things. [sniplet postads] In this ‘Ethical E-mail Hacking’ stream of articles we are going to learn about E-mail headers, Tracking E-mail, Tracing through time stamp and IP Whois Lookup, Phishing, Malicious HTML and Java script codes in e-mail, Spoof web sites and services, and Modern hacking methods and how to avoid it like using Digital signature, Encryption etc, . I am still looking ways to cover other things like Encryption, Eavesdropping, etc, without using too much technical gimmicks. Finally I am not going to teach you how to hack, but just how to safe guard yourself from hackers attack.

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