Hi! I am Sakthitharan, Welcome!!!

A short-bio: 👨‍🔬Professor/Researcher by Profession | 🧬Thinker by Passion | 🕸Systems Thinker | ⭐️Productivity Enthusiast | ☯️ Minimalism & ☸️Philosophy | 🎓holding a PhD in Computer Science | ✍🏼Write, 👨🏼‍🎓Teach | 👥Mentor.

I am continuously learning and constantly evolving. I share my ideas that worked for me and the methods I formulated to improvise myself to the best I can be.

Over the course of my endeavour, I adapted a vision, a greater purpose for Alvistor

to help others 
to achieve "Overall Well-being" 
in overall aspects of life.

With that vision in mind, The mission is to

explore, experiment, evaluate, experience, enumerate 
the different methods
by applying the knowledge (gathered) 
to achieve Overall Well-being 
with most practically possible way 
and forming simplified systems ("The Effortless Flow")
with the help of others
and for others to make use of it. 

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