Hi! I am Sakthitharan,

Alvistor is an output of my sincere and profound attempt to share my experience, ideas, and perceptions with the world.

If you expect some gimmicks and fun, you will not like my writing (@ Alvistor.com and in Wisery).

I am not 100% correct. No one is. I am not a couch, I don’t sell anything.

But I provide value and good ROI for every minute you read. At least I try every time.

I write mostly on (but not limited to)

  • Some (of my) Life lessons worth sharing (all aspects of life… money, relationships, health, etc)
  • Optimizing your day-to-day productivity
  • Writing online (and how I make money online through it)
  • Organizing your knowledge and using it wisely (Personal Knowledge Management)
  • I am also a professional soft skill and personality trainer, so you know… all the wisdom (from my and my trainee’s experience).
  • leadership, team, and how to handle (stupid to brilliant) peers and bosses.

with ❤️ love,

– S