Hi! I am Sakthitharan, Welcome!!!

I am a 👨‍🔬Professor (& Independent Researcher) by Profession | 🧬Learner/Thinker 🕸Systems Thinker | ⭐️Productivity(Effectivity) Enthusiast and 👨🏼‍💻 passionate Designer/Web-Developer and Consultant.

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I ❤️ Love,

  • ☯️ Minimalism, Optimal-ism
  • ☸️Philosophy,
  • 🦦 Flow (a technique to work effortlessly with deep focus using the proper mental and physical resources),
  • 🧠 Knowledge Abstractions (Personal Knowledge Management),
  • 🙏 Sharing (Writing)

Throughout my endeavor, I adopted a vision, a greater purpose for writing online

to help others (guiding by sharing my experience and views)
to achieve "Overall Well-being".

With that vision in mind, The mission is to

explore, experiment, evaluate, experience, enumerate 
the different methods and ideas 
by applying the knowledge (gathered) 
to achieve maximum Overall Well-being (especially digitally)
with most practically possible way 
and forming simplified practical workflow systems
with the feedback and help of others 
and sharing the same to everyone to benefit. 


I share the ideas that worked for me and the methods I formulated to improve myself to the best I can be. Alvistor is an output of my sincere and profound attempt to share my experience, ideas, and perceptions with the world.

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with ❤️love,

– SS