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Hi! I am Sakthitharan, founder of Welcome!!!

A short-bio: 👨‍🔬Professor/Researcher by Profession | 🧬Thinker by Passion | 🕸Former Web Developer & Designer | ⭐️Productivity Enthusiast | ☯️Loves Minimalism & ☸️Philosophy | 🎓holding a PhD in Computer Science

Know more about me by looking at my profile here 👉 Dr Sakthitharan Subramanian.

I started in August 2008 with a wish to be a writer. Later flowing with life, I found I just enjoy sharing my thoughts, own methods and to others rather than be recognised as a writer. Thus, Alvistor sustained a decade with that purpose.

I am continuously learning and constantly evolving. I share most things here about what I learned, my inspirations, ideas that worked for me and the methods I formulated to improvise myself to the best I can be. 

#Utilitarian #Lifestyle #Well-being

I mostly focus on Productivity practices, Lifestyle & Wellbeing (that also includes digital well-being and health/fitness), Hacks & Life Hacks, New Technologies and Tools that make life better. 

#Privacy #Security

I love to educate people on Privacy and Digital security in this Internet era. I always try to keep my articles non-technical for all folks to benefit from it.

#Philosophy #Advice #Life #Experience

Though I am partially philosophical, I may write on some Thoughts & Life lessons that I come across and share my deep meaningful thoughts on other matters through Alvistor.

#Studying #Teaching #Research

I also cover some topic for my students, colleague and academic researchers in my field of work.

Friends & Team

Sometimes, some of my best friends with similar interests, share their great ideas (I admire those ideas). Joining hands with this “Team” for co-authoring this site is more than a pleasure to me. Thanks to the guys.