Better Ways to Bookmark – Google Bookmarks

If you want to your bookmarks data in real clould then use web based bookmarks like.....

Bookmark is a wonderful way to save the URL of the website that we like. If you already known about bookmarks skip reading the coming two paragraphs.

Bookmarking is a simple procedure of storing the URLs or URI of the WWW page with the help of browser functionality. The article in wikipedia briefs you clearly about bookmark.

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In almost every web browser today have a drag and drop feature to bookmark a page, by simply dragging the tab to the bookmark space available below the address bar on browser will simply bookmarks the page. Most frequent internet users today uses this functionality for future reference of the page the visited.

Here are some good ways to bookmarking and some suggestions for internet power users.

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People using FireFox may create folder in the bookmark toolbar that appears below the address bar. If you would like to access pages from more than one computer you own, then the using of Xmarks, Firefox Sync add- on s will help.

Other browsers like Chrome, Safari has the same procedure using the bookmarks toolbar. There is an another way to bookmark your page, by clicking the star which appears before address bar in chrome and after in firefox.

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If you want to your bookmarks data in real clould then use web based bookmarks like Google Bookmarks. This is the new lab feature of Google which automatically detects your bookmarks from your browser and syncs with it. You can access this from anywhere after signing in to you account.

Source: CIO

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