Facebook – Test Your Privacy Settings

Facebook after its massive growth and recent insight changes, it became a hot topic between geeks about its security and privacy features. Facebook has its all privacy settings as like as other social connectivity sites but the issue is it was scattered all over more than a dozen pages. The privacy settings of Facebook is in and around 170. It is difficult to find every thing and change it, but Facebook worms may found most of them while using one of the feature or the other while they surf around.

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Facebook still doesn’t provide any page with all the 170 privacy settings for its users. But there is a one click privacy finder is around the web to find your level of privacy in facebook.

www.ReclaimPrivacy.org is that one stop website to scan your privacy settings in facebook.

All that you have to do is,

  1. go to www.ReclaimPrivacy.org
  2. Drag “scan for privacy” link to your web browser bookmarks bar.
  3. go to your facebook privacy page.
  4. then click the bookmark now.

Now you can able to see the scanned result of your privacy settings in facebook. After reviewing that you can able to change the settings as you like. Most of the privacy settings links are linked with the scan result.

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As this tool does not scan for all the privacy settings including photo and status updates you can’t fully rely on this scan. but the good news is they are working on this to extend its scan. Facebook folks should do some thing to organize all the privacy settings in to one page for user access , I don’t know why they are allowing others to do that?

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