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Firefox Based New Tiny OS – Simple Light and Fast

Microsoft trying to achieve the faster booting times in upcoming Windows 8 (on i7, 2nd generation processor with 8 GB RAM) while browser based OS Google Chrome (Chromium Project) claims that they already achieved, There is a new OS jumped in to this arena named ‘xPUD’ which is again a browser based OS based on the popular browser Firefox integrated with Linux. The difference is xPUD can provide the faster boot even in older hardwares. xPUD boots inl ess than 10 seconds, some users claim under 5 seconds.

Other than the fast booting, xPUD has other advantages. It is very light while running and in size. Surprisingly the image of xPUD’s current version 0.9.2 is around 45 MB and it only requires 64 MB of free hard disk space to install it. So xPUD becomes primary choice of OS for portable devices as it has limitations for the storage space. Another great advantage of this OS is it has it’s own App Center, but it has very few apps for now, we can expect more in the future but not for sure. So far the apps supporting are OpenOffice, DropBox, Skype, codecs for media playing and some extra utilities.

Coming to the interface of the OS, it is very simple having one window for all with 4 activity based tabs. Apps and programs are scattered among these tabs. There is no task bar to see the running applications. Mozilla’s Firefox and its gecko engine is the default browser to experience the web.

xPUD can be used by anyone and has nothing great to explore in it except the simplicity and lightness. You can not use this OS for more than browsing the web and some basic media experiences. So it can’t be everyone’s ‘cup of tea’ but it can be a obvious choice for the portable OS options ( pen drive OS ). It works better than Chrome except chrome has lots of applications.

Download and Try xPUD yourself, try running on virtual machine using VMware or Virtual Box or any other player of your choice. Install it in your device’s partition only if you satisfied on VMs.

YouTube Is Soon Rolling Out Movie Rentals

Google’s video streaming website YouTube is set to unveil its movie rental feature in the near future. This is more of anticipated like the well acknowledged company in this field Netflix. Yet, Netflix is not available in most of the countries in the world and if Google actually delivers it to all of the audiences then we might have some competition on this field also.

After this announcement many m0ovie making giants like Sony Pictures, Warner Brothers and Universal agreed to this statement and will allow their content to be rented on YouTube.

Well on the downside Paramount Pictures and 20th Century Fox Group did not want to rent their movies on YouTube because YouTube has more pirated content on their website and Google in its search engine displays websites that stream pirated movies. Well I will say that just give the people more options at an quality price. There is no information on its release date and pricing for renting movies.

Be sure to tell us what do you think of this feature will this stop movie piracy? or will it stir the things up a more by commenting below.

Planning To Live In Another Country? You Might Wanna Check This.

If you are the type of person that is planning to live in another country due to some reasons, you guys must check ifitweremyhome.com. This website actually gives you an comparison chart with your current country that your living in and the country that you want to live in. It gives statistics on Job opportunity, Electricity, How much years that you will live more of your life span if you move to that country. Below the statistics you will also find some information on that particular country. You can also go below and see the reactions of other people if they want to move to that country.

This website don’t tell the daily life of an average person in that country, which is kind of disappointing. So check this site and do give us your feedback.

Click here to go to ifitweremyhome.com

FireFox 4 Release – “Largest Number Of Software Downloads In 24 Hours”

Mozilla sets an release date for the latest Firefox 4. FireFox 4 was originally projected to release around October and November of the last year. After 12 ‘beta’s and 1 ‘release candidate’ Firefox 4 is releasing tomorrow(22nd March). Firefox 4 which took nearly a year to develop now comes with the hardware acceleration, where chrome has partial hardware acceleration and latest MS’s Internet Explorer got complete acceleration control over the GPUs.

Mozilla Firefox 4 is one of the biggest releases of the browser to come till date, and signals an even grater change for Mozilla as it embraces a tighter schedule driven release cycle. 22nd March, 2011 will be the important day in Mozilla’s calendar.

Firefox once broke the Guinness world record of “Largest number of software downloads in a day” with 8 million Firefox 3 downloads in a day. Microsoft’s latest browser IE 9 only got 2.3 million hits in its first day, and it is expected that FF4 will be downloaded by 10 million before the end of the day.

Firefox is 6 times faster than its predecessor and with optimal performance which can beat its competitor like chrome and opera. The new and fresh look with sleek design and compact buttons, moved up tab bars with dual-duty address bars are the notables of FF4.

Panorama is the feature that FF only has, used to arrange the tabs in form of groups and in order, with the basic mouse function over the panoramic graphics utility. Improved security and privacy promised by Firefox is always a plus point.

Killer feature of Firefox sync allows you to access your browser history literally over anywhere with any device installed firefox. Firefox sync as a cloud stored web history, stored not in your computer, instead stored online which can be accessed across the world with a username and password.

So, if you are a firefox fan you can download the ‘release candidate’ now or else you can directly down the complete release version tomorrow. If you are new to firefox, I bet you’ll like it than any other. Firefox is now multi platform which is now available for Mac, Windows & Linux.

Download Firefox RC(release candidate) Here.

See you soon with other firefox news updates tomorrow, stay subscribed to alvistor.

Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail as Default Mailto In Any Browser

Would you like to open any email (mailto:) address to be opened in your favorite web mail service like Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Live Mail (MSN) in any browser like Firefox, Chrome, IE. Of course everybody say yes to this, because no one want to copy the email id and pasting it in mail after clicking the compose mail link. Here I list some solutions to make your favorite email service as your default email client.

Note: ubuntu user please scroll to end of this page.

Interface Method in Firefox

Go to Firefox -> ‘Preference’ (find it under ‘Tools’ -> ‘Options’, in windows and find under ‘Edit’ -> ‘Preference’ in Linux and Mac )

Select ‘Application Tab’ and type “mailto” in search bar shown there.

Now you can see “mailto” in the Content Type area and on the right side you can find a drop down box that consists of Gmail and Yahoo options. If there is no option like that then you have to create it by the config method given below and come back to this step.

Firefox config method

If you can’t find those follow this, type “about:config” in url of firefox, it must show some warning window, go through it and type “mailto” in the ‘Filter’ box. you can find something like “gecko.handlerService.schemes.mailto.1.uriTemplate” & “gecko.handlerService.schemes.mailto.1.name” in the preference area if not, just add it by following next step.
Right click any preference and choose “New” -> “String” and add following. For each Mail service you have to add 2 strings like this.
for Gmail
1st String

Preference: gecko.handlerService.schemes.mailto.1.name
Value: Gmail

2nd String

Preference: gecko.handlerService.schemes.mailto.1.uriTemplate
Value: https://mail.google.com/mail/?extsrc=mailto&url=%s

for Live Mail

Preference: gecko.handlerService.schemes.mailto.2.name
Value: Live Mail
Preference: gecko.handlerService.schemes.mailto.2.uriTemplate
Value: http://hotmail.msn.com/secure/start?action=compose&to=%s

for Yahoo Mail

Preference: gecko.handlerService.schemes.mailto.0.name
Value: Yahoo
Preference: gecko.handlerService.schemes.mailto.0.uriTemplate
Value: http://compose.mail.yahoo.com/?To=%s

now you can choose your mail service through the Interface method given at the start of this article.

Chrome Users

Chrome users can use one of this wonderful plug-ins listed in Chrome-Extension site, plugin1, plugin2.If none of the plugin works for you, follow this link.

Hotmail or Live in IE

Start Internet Explorer. Select ‘Tools’ -> ‘Internet Options’ in the menu. (In IE 7, hold down the Alt key to access the menu ). Go to the ‘Programs’ tab. Make sure ‘Windows Live Mail’ or ‘Hotmail’ is selected for E-mail. Click ‘OK‘.
Note that, the mail page opens only in Internet explorer.

In Ubuntu

Go to System -> Preference -> Preferred Applications in ‘mail reader’ copy and paste the corresponding following code, your default browser will open your preferred mail service.
Gmail :

gnome-open https://mail.google.com/mail/?extsrc=mailto&url=%s

Yahoo :

gnome-open http://compose.mail.yahoo.com/?To=%s

Live or Hotmail:

gnome-open http://hotmail.msn.com/secure/start?action=compose&to=%s

Test Yourself : Here is a sample mail link to test.  mailto:testmail@testdomain.abc. If you have problem in finding your solution comment it, our readers will help you.

Facebook Toolbar For Firefox.

For those of you that experience Facebook withdrawal symptoms every time you start browsing other web sites, here a new toolbar for Firefox. The Facebook Toolbar enables you to quickly access Facebook even if you’re not on the site.

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The toolbar gives you control over a set of pop-up notifications about incoming messages, pokes, friend requests, as well as when a friend writes on your wall, writes a note, or updates his or her status.

You can also jump right to a friend’s profile by typing their name into the search box (which conveniently auto completes as you type). A collapsible side bar keeps your friends close at hand while you’re browsing the web.

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Finally, the toolbar makes it really easy to send cool sites to your friends as you browse the web via a nice big Share button.

All you have to do is go to facebook.com/toolbar to download it and install in your firefox. Mean time don’t forget to follow Alvistor.com in facebook.

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Download Youtube video In Single Click

Most of the internet browsers watch online video, and one of every ten pages were contented with some videos in it. Youtube, Vimeo, Megavideo, Metacafe, Dailymotion are some of the largest online video service. We watch videos more often in any of this service. If you want to view this video offline you have to download it to your local hard disk.

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Till date I used some services like ‘savevideodownload’ , ‘downloadyoutubevideos’, ‘keepvid’. In the above services I have to copy the url of the youtube video and to paste in their website and it brought me a download page of the video, from that page I can download it.

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Being sick of this long process my search for one click video download ended with ‘Keep-tube’, It offers a Firefox add on for the single click video download from almost from any online video services. Just add the firefox add on to your browser, it also supports chrome and IE.

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The download is available on Firefox add on repository and know more about keep-tube service in their site. Some of the supported websites by Keep-tube are Facebook, Youtube, Google video, Dailymotion, Metacafe, Veoh, and many more.


It is recommended to download in mp4 format than any other. Because Mp4 is supported wide than Youtube’s native flv format of the video which needs separate flv player. 3gp is good for s60 mobiles.

FireFox 4 Beta

Firefox 4 Beta is now available for download. Download here. As we have already discussed about this in my past month’s post titled FireFox 4 plans.

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As posted in the above post it was the same change that expected to appear in Firefox 4. So it is not necessary to discuss it here. To add up with some statistical report, it is 20% faster than its predecessor. Most of the changes are targeted to support HTML 5 features.

Regarding GUI, It resembles chrome in all angle. Comparison of both Chrome and Firefox 4 is chronicled in ‘computerworld.com‘ as 5 parts.

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Mozilla adds a feedback button in the top right corner of the Beta to collect user experience for its future modification of Firefox 4.x. So don’t forget to submit your feedback. This feedback button may or may not be available in the future standard version.

Mozilla being largely supported by Google’s Search based adsense revenue, Firefox now supports WebM video format which may be accepted as a HTML 5 video where Firefox before gave its full support to Ogg format of video. Behind the browser it is not built with the best JavaScript rendering machine but Mozilla release notes says that better JIT (Just In Time) compiler for JavaScript and layered rendering engine are “coming soon.”

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Firefox 4 now resembles Google Chrome in all features, and have some more than chrome. But chrome still stood first in light weight feature, that means it just occupies very low memory when compared to firefox, and that means more speed.

FireFox 4 Plans

Mozilla foundation has plan for its next major open source browser, FireFox 4. The new version concentrates over speed,  security as usual. But the latest Google’s Chrome, a open source browser changed the goal of FireFox now. In its new release Mozilla plans to be more simpler in interface and less modal dialogues and more background process like updating etc. HTML 5 is one the main goal of this new version.

some of the bites on the firefox 4 plans.

Removing of Unnecessary Buttons.

As the result in success of Chrome’s simpler interface, FireFox 4 is planned to remove some buttons like ‘home’, ‘reload’, ‘stop’. Instead the buttons are moved to other place like ‘reload’ button at the end of the url bar, mock up button is positioned in left, and ‘stop’ button is completely removed as seen in Chrome.

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Home Tabs

Home button is replaced with Home Tabs. The difference is simple instead of having single page as a home,  you can now set multiple links on the home tab. The tab loads with home links eg: google, yahoo, msn, rss, as a link in single tab.

A web application tab is added for application like Google apps, Docs, windows calendar, twitter etc,.

Tabs on Top

I am not sure about this data. If it is true FireFox 4 will look like Chrome tabs, that opens in a window bar on the top

Switch to Website or Tab

This is the feature that already FF 3 has, when start typing on the address bar FF displays the links which is opened in other tabs or recently opened tabs in first and then the tabs from history.


FF 4 dialog’s also changed as a cool balloon pop up instead of a strip over the top of the page in the tabs. Some of the dialogs you often see is , popup block, redirecting and remember password.

Background Updates and Fast Start Ups

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FireFox 4 planned to make its start up time faster and with no interference. No Update interference and other background activities, every thing is designed to run in background without disturbing the browsing.

For Developers

Mozilla promised that it has some cool functionality updates for developers. Tools for capable, Fast web apps and more are waiting for developers.

Regarding Users FF 4 will be Fast, Friendly and Empowering and technologically Fast, Secure and Optimized.

To know more about plans please see the video presentation on Mozilla Website. You need a HTML 5 enabled browser to watch this, Chrome and FireFox 3.6.3 is compaitable.

Edit Search Preference in FireFox Location Bar

Most of the time firefox uses google as a default search engine when a search query is typed in the location bar of the firefox web browser.

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At some circumstances like installing web browser based scripts and softwares like yahoo messenger the location search is changed in to other search engines. To avoid this, we should not install the particular software which is the cause, but it is not the solution, the solution is very simple and also very crucial at the other hand.

Let me explain step by step,

  1. go to  ” about:config ” or type the quoted words in the location bar
  2. firefox warns you to be careful when editing the following changes, accept that,
  3. go for ” keyword.URL ” in the list,
  4. right click and choose modify
  5. for ‘ I’m Feeling Lucky ‘ Google search preference paste the following url http://www.google.com/search?btnI=I%27m+Feeling+Lucky&q=
  6. for ‘ Google Search Result on the tab ‘ paste the following url http://www.google.co.in/search?source=ig&hl=en&rlz=1G1GGLQ_ENIN340&=&q=

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likewise you can change your search preference to any of the search engine you like.

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