Browse securely with ‘Firefox’ and ‘Firefox focus’ in Android

Chrome is the default browser in Android phones. I could see a lot of other browsers like Opera Mini, UC Browser, etc attracted android users and gain popularity. Firefox didn’t give up the competition of being in top browser’s list. Unfortunately, it didn’t receive the welcome it deserves. Firefox is not my primary browser, Chrome still has this first place in my day to day life due to the deep integration with Android. Even though Chrome is secure and safe to use, In my opinion, it still leaks valuable private information. This is not because of the vulnerability or policy issues, it because of our usage methods and patterns. Chrome has access to my Google accounts and all my browsing history is stored in any of the accounts over cloud which can be accessed across devices. It’s really a feature, but not all the time. Oh, about Chrome’s Incognito? Yes, it’s useful to the core, safe, secure and private. But it still lacks the second space concept. Second space is where I can be me but still away from the ‘social me’. So I use Firefox as my secondary browser with some serious boundaries. Where I won’t use the Firefox for my social and work use. Using Firefox with a Master Password and some changes in privacy setup sufficient.

Try Firefox Focus

Firefox focus is a thin browser designed to browse safely, securely and privately. It deletes all your data as soon as you are out of the browsing session. I can bring the browsing to other browsers too if I want to. Choosing this browser is quick and simple to use, unlike Chrome’s incognito.
See the ‘Open with Firefox..’ option

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