Do you really need a Screen Protector for your smartphones?

When you buy an expensive phone, it is obvious that you want to protect it as long as you could. One thing makes the phone look shiny which is the symbol of its newness is their screen. I know few guys who would ready to spend a lot of money in buying the screen protector for their new phones. Is it a must to have a screen protector?
No, generally it is not necessary for everyone.
When I say “not necessary for everyone”, some of you may need it due to some specific reasons. First thing first. I will tell you why most of you won’t need a screen protector, then later I will tell you who may need it. Three reasons why I don’t personally hate screen protectors.
  1. They will spoil the experience. There is a smooth feel over the glass screen which comes by default. When you paste a screen protector over it, most of the time it is not as good as the glass. Swiping makes the finger tips burning. A few years back I owned Sony Xperia P, which is not responding well with a screen protector on it. It is true that all the capacitive screens detect your finger based on the negative charges in it. Unfortunately, over the screen protector, the detection is not as sharp as without it. Some protectors won’t work in glove-mode.
  2. These screen protectors catch the finger smudges, dust, and minor scratches over the course of time. It transparency gradually fades off. I have seen this discoloring in many of my friend’s phones. This diminishes the display quality of the phone, ironically the splendid display is hiding back.
  3. I hate the procedure of fitting the screen protector because there will be always some air bubbles found apart from the huge effort.
Manufacturers design the phone’s screen to provide you a good experience. The touch-detection works well on the plain naked screen, not over the thin plastic sheet of the screen protector. These screen protector may this oleophobic coating to fight back water and oil. The truth is modern phone’s screen has a good amount of oleophobic and nano coating than these protectors which repels oil smudges from your finger, dust, and also water. So it is obvious that you don’t need a protector when your phone already has all the benefits of it.

How strong is a phone’s screen when compared to the screen protector.

Most phones of today have the Gorilla Glass, produced by Corning Inc. Though there is Gorilla Glass 5 released in the May 2017, here I take Gorilla Glass 3 for reference. The strength of the material is proportional to the hardness of the material. There is a strength scale for comparison tells about the hardness of different materials. 1 is softer and 10 scale is harder. It is also inherent that softer material can’t damage the harder one.
The hardness scale for Gorilla Glass is about 6.5 to 7. Which means the material below 6.5 won’t damage the screen. Coins, keys, chains, steel (not a hardened steel file) knife and other common material we use in our daily life can’t damage your phone’s screen. Keeping your phone inside the pocket with coins, keys won’t affect a bit. So this tells that you don’t need a screen protector for your phone. Wait, That isn’t all.
Then, Who needs the screen protector?
If you see the Mohs hardness scale there are few materials above 7. Which includes beach/sea sand and masonry/garage instruments. If you’re a person living near the beach and have the chance of phone’s screen rubbing against the sand particles in your pocket or purse, then you need a screen protector. I usually use a plastic cover/ sandwich bag to cover my phone when I take a visit to the beach. If you are doing rough hardware jobs involving toughened/hardened metals like drillers, screw drivers then you may want to have additional protection for your screen. Tempered glasses are another form of screen protector which I personally hate. But there’s always a slim chance of saving your screen from accidental fall. That too if you have luck because Gorilla glass is stronger than these so called tempered glasses available in the market.
So tell us, What you think.
What kind of protection strategy are you using? or happy using screen protectors. Use our comment section below for an interesting discussion.

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