Forget mouse, use only keys to browse like a Hacker

Mice is old school. Grabbing them in one and aiming the cursors have become too heavy, ergonomically bad too. Want to save the every few seconds missed in moving hands between the keyboards and mouse? If you nod ‘yes’, then you’ll like to read further. If you’re a programmer or with an experience of that kind, you most probably know Vim (don’t know about it? No worries, continue reading), most of them would have fallen in love with it like me after using it for times. Basically with the way you can do things without the mouse in vim. How will you feel if there’s a choice similar to vim to browse the internet, without taking your hands out of the keyboard. Now to the point, Vimium extends the vim like keyboard shortcut functionalities to the browsers. Once installed to your browser, you can browse like a power user without a mouse. Though it has a low slopy learning curve, its worth the time. In my case, it took me 3 days to familiar the basic shortcuts. For those who couldn’t understand what I am telling see the below video and continue reading further. There’s only one important keyboard shortcut you ever need to use until you get familiar with other shortcuts is ‘?’, (Yes its ‘Shift + /’ key). This will bring all the shortcuts available with vimium. A small heads-up, if there’s a website with shortcut keys enabled, you can disable certain keys on that site. For example, I use only keyboard shortcuts to browse through my gmail, it this case I simply disable/exclude certain keys in vimium only for that site ( Here’s the link. Extension for Chrome, Addon for Firefox. Let me hear from you guys in the comments. Just in case if you’re new and curious about vim, watch this video. What vim is?

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