Multi Profile Browsing in Firefox (Single Window) with Multi-Account Containers

Chrome has the multi-profile option built-in to maintain the different or multiple personas of yourself when browsing online. For example, if you don’t want to mix up your work and personal life in browsing, you have two gmail accounts for work and personal and don’t want to use it at the same time, then you’ll end up using two different chrome profile. One for work and another for personal. This long-awaited feature has come to Firefox as an extension. This extension is available for all now at Firefox add-on site in the name of ‘ Firefox Multi-Account Containers‘. Unlike Google Chrome’s user profile, ‘Multi-Account Containers’ works in the same window. That is, you can open a website in any container within the same window but in tabs. Different tabs opened in different ‘Containers’. These containers stores cookie, cache and other information as a separate profile without mixing with one another. Opening them adjacent to the current tab is the nifty feature that Chrome lacks. Unfortunately, Firefox sync works only work for one primary ‘Container’. These containers can be named as you want and colored too. This color coding helps in differentiating the Containers in multi-tabbed browsing.
Color Coded Containers. See the tab heads.
If you want to be well organized your browsing activities, then I would say now it’s easy to do with Firefox than Chrome. Firefox is now picking up the pace in the race against other browsers. Especially with Chrome. When it comes to Mobile first approach, Containers are not of much help. For now, I am good with Chrome as a primary browser and Firefox as second. Maybe I have got more accustomed with Chrome which makes it difficult to switch permanently to Firefox. I will let you know if my decision changes in upcoming posts.

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