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TOR - The Onion Router. Anonymity guaranteed on internet.

Tor Project, a non-profit organization offers free software and open networks to help us browse the internet anonymously and freely. Tor is more or less like a VPN.

During the last decade, Tor (The Onion Router) released a bunch of software to access the internet through their open and encrypted network of computers that spaced across the globe. The Tor browser establishes a connection to the internet by forming a tunnel network within the internet. When you’re connected to the TOR network, your data travels through these networks, bouncing within the nodes on the TOR network computers to reach the final destination on the internet.

The Tor network preserves the identity of the person by not letting the internet to identify the source of the user. Every time the traffic bounces through a different route which makes it impossible to backtrack and find the user. It can also help to evade the geo-restrictions on websites by acting as a proxy.

While iPhone users were enjoying the TOR, Android has Orbot to connect to the Tor network. Recently, the Tor Project released a browser app for android based on firefox which is a fully integrated package of browser and Tor to establish a connection.

Download Tor Browser – Playstore Link

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