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Erase Your Lost Device’s Data Using New ‘Android – Device Manager’

Google added up a feature to its Android Device Manager. So far I used this Web interfaced Android Device Manager for finding my misplaced phone in indoors. With a click of a button from this ADM page my phone makes a loudest sound that it can make from a place where I left it and forgot.

Fortunately I lost it inside my home doors. What if I lost it somewhere else? or what if it is stolen by someone/thief? Sorry to say, it just going to do the same things, rung and if you i am enough to left the internet connection ‘on’ it will give its location. What else you can expect? thief’s name?

In those cases I may not able to seize my phone back, but it would nice if the sensitive information in the phone is secured. Here is the new option you get from Android Device Manager. Either you can change the screen lock code, so that the person who took won’t have access to your data, else you can completely wipe phone’s data. That is a complete factory reset, triggered remotely.

This is to work perfect, your phone is needed to be connected to internet. I guess, even though it is not connected to internet when you trigger the process remotely, it will execute in device soon after it is connected.

Source : Google Support

This definitely going to raise some privacy concern, but no one is going to deny this feature. I prefer trusting Google’s service in this rather losing my data to some thief.

An April Fool Prank App For Android

While searching for some app (couldn’t remember) I came across this app called ‘eye’ – Eye Tracking Prank App’. Though the app name includes the word ‘prank app’ instead of loosing interest, it actually kindles my fire of temptation to see what it is, what actually it does and how?

Immediately before hitting the “Install” button, my eyes hovered over the reviews of the app, saw very few reviews claiming that this app as wonderful (the reviews often this kind of prank apps have). Installed. Want to know what happened after? I don’t want to spoil the surprise, install it yourself on your android and enjoy.


List of Android Apps To Increase Your Productivity

Once again a post on android apps. Now I came up with a list of apps that increases your overall productivity. Just the name of the app is suffice, as the ‘Play Store’ has all the description, review, comments for the each app. I have been using most of these apps for long time. Here’s the list.

Productivity Apps

  • Evernote with Skitch [ Note Taking ]
  • Any Do [ Task Manager, Reminder ]
  • CamScanner [ Convert camera captured physical documents in to pdf ]
  • SketchBook [ a Photoshop alternate for android ]
  • QR droid
  • Keep [ Google's new note taking app ]
  • Truecaller [ Tells who is calling you even if they are not in your contact list ]
  • Swift Key/A.I. Type [ Intelligent keyboard apps ]
  • GForms [ Submit data to Googe spreadsheet/forms ]
  • Drive/SkyDrive/Box.net
  • Office Suite Pro
  • Translate

Automation – From the previous article

  • Tasker / Automate It
  • Locale
  • Juice Defender
  • Quiet Balance
  • Auto SMS & Answering Machine

Other Apps

  • Flipboard / Currents
  • Speed Test
  • Hide It Pro [ locks apps, gallery, messages etc ]
  • Debt Tracker [ money tracking app ]
  • Goggles [ image search app ]
  • Astro File Manager

The list doesn’t end here. I will definitely come with some more additions to this list as I still looking for best apps to server each purpose. As I already said, this list is based upon my experience, you may share your favorite apps in the comments section.

Few Apps For Android Automation

In your daily life, you have to do many repeated things with your android phone from changing your ringer to vibration mode when entering in to office, switching on wi-fi when you came back to home, switch on your GPS when you need to open a map, while somebody calls, you have to send a ‘call you later’ message when attending a meeting, adjust your screen brightness, screen lock time, switch on/off your network connection in order to save your battery, likewise the list grows.

Automating these tasks will greatly increases your productivity. These jobs are done automatically without or with very less human intervention you get the following apps in your android phone.

1. Locale (Premium)

Locale is one of the best intelligent location based profile changer app in the android market. It requires to mark your place like home, office in the map and need to define the profile for those places. That’s all, all the other things will be taken care by Locale. Based on many factors like wi-fi hotspot, Network’s Cell IDs, etc are used  to find your position.

2. Juice Defender (Free & Premium)

Juice Defender is a battery saver app, it intelligently turns on your wi-fi, network for internet connectivity and switches off when it is not needed (when the screen is off). And it periodically allows to connect to internet for syncing apps to update mail inbox, weather widgets etc. Sometimes you don’t want certain apps (like gaming apps) to connect to internet, and for some apps you want them to be always in connection (like internet messaging apps), these will be achieved seamlessly with Juice Defender. Juice Defender is available as Juice Defender Free, Juice Defender Plus, Juice Defender Ultimate. For me JD Plus is doing much more than I want it to.

3. Tasker (Premium) and Automate It (Free & Premium)

‘Tasker’ provides nearly endless way to automate your android phone. But it itself doesn’t have any bit of intelligence. You need to configure everything. Yes, tasker has the capability to sense almost every small bit of change in your phone and also has the capability to make almost all (if your phone is rooted) changes from changing your phone’s wallpaper to changing the CPU’s frequency.

‘Automate It’ is a more simplified yet more powerful form of ‘Tasker’. For those who don’t want to fall under the long learning curve of ‘tasker’ can easily cope up easily with ‘Automate It’.

4. Quiet Balance (Free)

‘Quiet Balance’ is a simple message-filtering utility app, which filter the USSD messages (the annoying messages shows internet usage, call balance after call and message balance after a message sent). When I say filtering, you can configure how the filtering should be.

5. Auto SMS (Free & Premium) and Answering Machine (Free)

From the app’s name you can understand what these apps are for. Though the SMS auto reply for incoming SMSs and phone calls can be achieved by making a small profile in ‘tasker’ or ‘automate it’ (GoSMS also has the auto reply feature), ‘Auto SMS’ is little more convenient a dedicated app for auto replying than other methods.

Answering Machine – is one of the best of its kind in the market. This app holds all the functionality of the real answering machine.

Other than these apps there are few more good apps are available in Play store, but the only reason I recommending these apps is because of the experience I had in the past. Try these apps yourself, for the premium apps like Locale, Tasker, what I could say is ‘it’s worth the money’.

Google’s Augmented Reality Glasses – Project Glass

Google recently revealed one of its futuristic work of its augmented reality glasses, officially named as ‘Project Glass’. So far, this project is developed in secret Google lab called Google X. Earlier in past week (Apr, 4) Google revealed it’s intriguing project on the Project Glass’s Google Plus Page. Until now this is the first and only source and official acceptance by Google. According to the post by Google, the page shares the further improvement on the project at the same time to collect the idea of the followers through the comments.

The Post has 5 picture that explains how this technology could like when it will be released in the future, and a demonstration video.  There is no other official data is there for us to know more about this technology. So we have to rely on the latest rumors and guesses of our own.

Based on rumors, the glasses has abilities to connect to the wireless network probably on 4G. Once it was said it has some gesture controls that includes shaking of heads, but the video released by Google proves it has gesture controls but not in form of shaking heads and for surprise it also supported by speech recognition.

These Glasses are going to run on Android obviously( version unknown ). I assume that the Glasses to work it has to connect to a android phone and the phone takes all processing jobs while the Glasses still acts like a external interface for both input and output.    So it needs high processing power in terms of mobile devices and Android with major tweaks, which will be released soon after the Google’s Glasses reaches consumer’s hands.

Since past decade very few trails has been made on innovating a wearable computers. One of them is Pranav Mistry’s 6th Sense Technology. Google’s Glass is not a paradigm shift, its just a improvised idea of the fore mentioned innovation. 6th sense has projector which projects the interface screen on the objects in the environment, say wall or building, Google instead uses the wearable spectacles as the projector. Google also adds the power of web and cloud computing to this Glasses in means of Navigation assistance and with other features you may admire.

Google’s Glasses binds both the real world and virtual world together, wearing it all the day people won’t have to sacrifice one for another, you can co exist in both world. Anyways assumptions and rumors won’t answer all the questions clearly, there are still some unanswered doubts like where is the batter placed? how long it lasts? what is the connectivity it uses to connect with phones? is the glasses are reliable as it seems very light? how do the consumers wear this glass who already wears one as a aid? how the speech recognition feature differentiate the commands and normal talking? and much more, more more.

Finally the Glass is expected to be priced $200 to $250 and planned to be released last quarter of this year. If you have enjoyed this article share your thoughts in comment box below.

Ubuntu Desktop Runs On Android Phones

Canonical, the backbone of Ubuntu OS lately announced a new concept which transforms an android phone in to a complete ubuntu Desktop when it is docked. Docked in sense, connected to a bigger display, keyboard and mouse. As most of the other major details about this is not yet disclosed by canonical, it is unknown that the docking also extends for speakers, microphone and other extensions.

In a dual core android phone, ubuntu runs concurrently on the processor with android in different cores at different run times. This is possible because both android and ubuntu uses same kernel. The  shared applications runs in the two different platforms are tightly coupled using a convergence API module, this helps sharing of data between the same application running in the two different environment namely the desktop and mobile environment.

Lets take a scenario, you browsing alvistor.com in your android mobile and checking your gmail in another tab while roaming outside, now your getting back to your home and connect your phone to the dock with bigger screen, keyboard, mouse and other utils. What happens now is the magic, ubuntu boots up seamlessly in your bigger screen and now you can continue your browsing in the desktop environment either in chrome or firefox which comes default with ubuntu. Even after connected to the dock you can access your contacts, messages and other phonely things like calling, messaging through your desktop interface. Nice ahh!

Okay now time for the limitations. As the minimal requirement for the implementation is 1 Ghz Dual core processor, that is sufficient for some basic desktop operations, but when it comes multitasking it is not performing to the expectation. Opening few tabs on chromium browser results in slowdown. Ubuntu claims that performance limitations only depends on hardware factors like memory resources and processor capabilities.

In my view,when the mobile phone manufacturers improves the processing capabilities for android phones, then we can expect a acceptably complete functional Desktop over a tiny android device, until then this concept stays experimental. Over the past decade smart phones are grown to this level of performance and it is sure that they are going to accommodate the powers of multiple desktops sooner.  Who knows? at that time these smart phones may replaces all the PCs and Desktops in our home.

For more info, visit Ubuntu site at http://www.ubuntu.com/devices/android

iPad Games That Would Make You An Hit With The Ladies!

Guys you have an iPad and everyone thinks your cool, but still you can’t find an way to impress the Ladies with it. So what is the worth of buying this high priced piece of equipment that doesn’t satisfy your essential need for your life. Well that’s why Apple got some neat Games and Apps. to make you look cool in front of the Ladies. Let us show you guys some Apps. that would make you move with the Ladies like James Bond does.

1. Harbor Master HD

This game first and foremost is that it is absolutely free. It is like series of multiple colored boats that coming towards an harbor and you need to guide them to their appropriate harbor according to their colors with your fingers by the way. Just ask the Girl ” Do you like water?”. In no time she will hooked with the game and when the boat numbers increases, you and the girls hand will be touching each other. PRETTY NEAT.

2. What’s The Difference

This cost you an price of $3.99 so its little you will need to spend to hook up with the girl you like. Well nothing comes cheap right? In this game you need work as an team to spot the difference between two images that are displayed side by side. When the game gets hectic you will forget everything and you’ll be make an move like telling her ” Whoa! your pretty good at this.”. And you can also show the girl that you are pretty smart. Well, if you spot them first.

3. Little Things

This game will cost you about $2.99. This actually needs pretty good team work to find items that is disguised into an large picture of an Animal or any object. Easily with this game you can make any girl hooked up. And when the game gets rolling I’m sure the girl would say ” Can I play with your LITTLE THINGS!”. Whoosah! achievement unlocked as of hooking up with the girl.

Well guys finally an useful thing from an Gizmo that will actually solve your essential need in life. My friends I gave you an idea and the rest is yours. Please sure to comment on your experience or you have any other games to show off.

Google’s Android OS Can Be Made To Run On Win7 PC’s

If you are one of those persons whose finding difficult to choose between Microsoft Windows 7 and Google’s Android well there is an solution for it. Its called BlueStacks. This company actually made an marital knot between these Operating Systems. By this software you can boot both Operating Systems on the fly not by re-booting your system. The switching is soo smooth that you can Launch your Android Apps. from your Windows desktop itself.

BlueStacks Senior Vice President Apu Kumar said that BlueStacks is a response to what his company perceives as two complementary needs: the consumers’ desire to have their apps available everywhere, and the desire for a unified device.

BlueStack Systems Inc., which is based in Silicon Valley, has created a software tunnel that allows bidirectional communication between the Android side and the Windows side. This means that it can use Windows print drivers to print while in the Android interface, and create shortcuts for Android apps on the Windows desktop.

BlueStacks supports over-the-air updating, too, so the company can push out Android updates to its users automatically. Kumar said that he expected to get updates to users faster than the phone companies have been.

It hasn’t been an entirely smooth ride for the company. Besides the “heavy lifting” that Kumar said involved development difficulties of getting the software to work with different screen dimensions, scale correctly, different configurations, and multiple devices, there were other problems. One of the big hangups was caused by Google restricting its marketplace to specific ARM-powered devices. The company got around that problem when Amazon.com opened its Android app marketplace. “Amazon was chosen,” Kumar said, “because they have transaction mechanisms, and it’s a heavy brand across the world.”

source: cnet

Android able to run powerful Apps. like MS Word

It is also said that the company was in speak with some Tablet producing corps. as well so they could also integrate in to it also. With Android’s user usage is skyrocketing well, this might be really interesting. We still do not know the prices and release dates and its also early to decide too. It is also too early to decide that this would be as user friendly as it looks. Only time will decide. And do let us know your comment too about what you think of this product.

Google’s Answer To Apple iTunes

Google the great web giant just in this monday bought an music sync company called Push Life. This is been found that Google motive to acquire this company is kind od an mystery at the first time. Then after some research it is found that Google acquired this company to challenge Apple’s giant the iTunes.

Push Life’s existing Android and Blackberry apps act as stand-ins for the iPod app found on Apple’s iPhone. Users can purchase and play music from the app on their phones, and then sync with either iTunes or Windows Media Player on their computers using a desktop plug-in. From now onwards this company would serve Google as it primary music selling service as of like the iTunes. Push life’s new service would become exclusive to Google android users and we might see an fierce battle over music download section of the market. Even the iTunes have some drawbacks in its User Interface. Well if Google sorts those things we might finally have an iTunes killer.

Due to this acquisition it is not even surprise as if even Google came up with own digital music playing device that will come as an competition to the iPod. Well these are actually our suggestions, you can also tell your suggestions by leaving an comment below.

Motorola Xoom releases Tommorrow

The Motorola Xoom tablet is easily the best competition Apple’s iPad has ever seen. Sporting a 10.1-inch screen, front and rear cameras, HDMI output, a dual-core processor, and Google’s tablet-optimized version of Android, the Motorola is also entering the tablet wars with their Xoom.

Priced at $800 off-contract or $600 with a two-year commitment from Verizon, the Xoom is not for the regulars. Instead, Motorola is taking the approach used with its successful line of Droid smartphones and developing the device’s horsepower and the many capabilities not found on its Apple counterpart.

This is also the first release of tablets only optimized Android from Google Android 3.0 (Honeycomb).

Motorola might have the ability to beat Apple with this launch, for the results of this war only time will conclude it.

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