Erase Your Lost Device’s Data Using New ‘Android – Device Manager’

Google added up a feature to its Android Device Manager. So far I used this Web interfaced Android Device Manager for finding my misplaced phone in indoors. With a click of a button from this ADM page my phone makes a loudest sound that it can make from a place where I left it and forgot. Fortunately I lost it inside my home doors. What if I lost it somewhere else? or what if it is stolen by someone/thief? Sorry to say, it just going to do the same things, rung and if you i am enough to left the internet connection ‘on’ it will give its location. What else you can expect? thief’s name? In those cases I may not able to seize my phone back, but it would nice if the sensitive information in the phone is secured. Here is the new option you get from Android Device Manager. Either you can change the screen lock code, so that the person who took won’t have access to your data, else you can completely wipe phone’s data. That is a complete factory reset, triggered remotely. This is to work perfect, your phone is needed to be connected to internet. I guess, even though it is not connected to internet when you trigger the process remotely, it will execute in device soon after it is connected. Source : Google Support This definitely going to raise some privacy concern, but no one is going to deny this feature. I prefer trusting Google’s service in this rather losing my data to some thief.

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Vinoth Nagarajan September 17, 2013

It is very nice can you explain this some more detail……………………

janakiraman September 17, 2013

its good idea. but some body stolen my mobile and suddenly switch off the mobile.after remove the SIM card.after switch on the mobile and easily stolen the data. Its possible OR not