Browsing In Public Computers? How To Bookmark Online

This is simple trick for begginers. You can skip to next paragraph if you know what bookmark is. Bookmarking helps us to save/organize the link of a page that contains  helpful information while we browsing through and access it in the future. If you have your own computer(PC), then you can just bookmark the page in your browser, by clicking the “star” in the right side or the URL bar (where you type the address like ‘’) and can access it anytime. What if we want to bookmark something when we are in a public computer (say public library, college, etc ).  I would like to share one solution (out of many) using Google Bookmarks. You can access your online bookmark here (You have to login with your gmail credintials). You can bookmark any of the page you browsing and that will be stored in cloud and you can access it anywhere.  How To Bookmark? This link will help you In short, drag this link (click the link, hold, move it towards the bookmark bar, and release it) Book Mark This Page, If you can’t find your bookmark bar, first enable the view of bookmark bar. Now whenever you want to bookmark a page, just click the link. A pop up will come to the view, add up the details, click save. Thats all. Don’t forget to “Sign Out” if your browsing session is over. Soon after you get signed out, no one can access your bookmark on that public computer.

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