Convert Image/PDF/Scanned Documents to Text/Word Document with Google Drive

Ever you tried to convert a scanned or cam captured document(.jpg, .pdf, .gif, etc) in to a text/word (editable) document. This can be achieved with the technique called OCR (Optical Character Recognition). You might have come across various pdf to word, image to word conversion online services and software. Some may work well, but here is an option you can not left out trying. This option is known to most of the Google Drive users. When you try to upload a document in to your online Drive, it should ask you whether to “convert uploaded files to Google Docs format” or “convert the text from uploaded PDF or image files”. If it is not asking do the following.
  1. Go to (sign-in)
  2. Go to settings (In top-right side, you can find it with an ‘gear’ icon)
  3. In the drop down select “Upload Settings”
  4. Check “confirm settings before each upload”
That’s all. Now you are ready to use Google’s OCR to convert your scanned/image files into a text document. Just upload the file you need to change, and check your online drive after few seconds. The efficiency is 99% in my experience, but you can’t expect all the diagrams, lines, tables to be converted as it is. That’s the only difference between other premium conversion techniques. Reference : See you soon with another tip…….

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