How To Manage Your Multiple Network Connection Settings In One Click

Wherever we go, we want to be connected to the internet. Smartphones are always connected to the internet through cell network. Unlike smartphones, laptops (or of it’s kind) need to be connected through WiFi AP, LAN, VPN etc etc. Whenever switching between these network involves change in configurations. For example, In home you may have to use DHCP to assign the IP automatically, but in another place, say your office, there you need to switch to static IP, and connecting to LAN may need another configuration. The usual way to handle this is going to control panel, network settings and then configuring. The problem lies in here is, you have to do this configuration often. Here is the wonderful solution I wish to share. Actually the wonderfulness lies in the simplistic steps involved in changing the settings, in other words with couple of clicks. NetSetMan is the software which makes it possible. Once configured, you can change to the desired setting whenever you want to. NetSetMan for Windows resides in notification area (system tray), just by clicking it and choosing a predefined setting, you can connect to your new network in few seconds. Most of you need this. try it.

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