List of Android Apps To Increase Your Productivity

Once again a post on android apps. Now I came up with a list of apps that increases your overall productivity. Just the name of the app is suffice, as the ‘Play Store’ has all the description, review, comments for the each app. I have been using most of these apps for long time. Here’s the list. Productivity Apps
  • Evernote with Skitch [ Note Taking ]
  • Any Do [ Task Manager, Reminder ]
  • CamScanner [ Convert camera captured physical documents in to pdf ]
  • SketchBook [ a Photoshop alternate for android ]
  • QR droid
  • Keep [ Google’s new note taking app ]
  • Truecaller [ Tells who is calling you even if they are not in your contact list ]
  • Swift Key/A.I. Type [ Intelligent keyboard apps ]
  • GForms [ Submit data to Googe spreadsheet/forms ]
  • Drive/SkyDrive/
  • Office Suite Pro
  • Translate
Automation – From the previous article
  • Tasker / Automate It
  • Locale
  • Juice Defender
  • Quiet Balance
  • Auto SMS & Answering Machine
Other Apps
  • Flipboard / Currents
  • Speed Test
  • Hide It Pro [ locks apps, gallery, messages etc ]
  • Debt Tracker [ money tracking app ]
  • Goggles [ image search app ]
  • Astro File Manager
The list doesn’t end here. I will definitely come with some more additions to this list as I still looking for best apps to server each purpose. As I already said, this list is based upon my experience, you may share your favorite apps in the comments section.

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