4 Ways To Enhance Your Browsing Speed In Google Chrome

Google’s Chrome, the browser which has the largest market share in browser usage. Here are some suggestions that makes browsing even faster for you in fastest browser.

1. Omni Bar search, Shortcuts, Gesture Control

Using the Omni bar (URL Bar) for searching, saves few seconds took by the search page to load. Using Keyboard Shortcuts and Mouse shortcuts helps to great extent. For example to open a link in new page, instead of doing right click and then clicking the option “open in new tab” in context menu, you can just middle click the link. Middle clicking on the tab closes it. Relying on Mouse gestures with “Gesture For Chrome” extension will provide great top up on browsing speed and experience.

2. Fastest Chrome

FastestChrome is the clone of FastestFox which backed Mozilla Firefox for faster browsing so far. This extension truly increases the browsing speed, by loading the next page just before you reach the end of the current page while scrolling. This reduces the waiting time needed to load the next page and yes, you don’t need to press the next button at the bottom of the page. I find this inevitable while searching in Google. By Just selecting the text in the webpages, you can preview the definition of the selected word(s) in a light pop up box with the option to search about the same in preferred services like Google, Wikipedia, Wikitionary, Youtube, Maps and so on. This extension also adds suggestions for products while you search for anything to buy in amazon or ebay.

3. Read Later Fast & Evernote Web Clipper

Read Later Fast extension can store an entire page with a click which you would like to read it later(offline). Bookmarking the page and reloading it for another time when you want read takes little extra time and consumes little bandwidth. This extension caches the entire page locally and shows the list in apps page in Chrome. It has the ability to sync with cloud. If you are using Evernote, ‘Evernote Web Clipper‘ is a better alternative for aforementioned extension. This syncs directly to your Evernote account. In Evernote you can select particular content or entire content or even only the URL of the page, that you want to store, while Read Later Fast stores the entire page locally, and optionally syncs with cloud. So it is obviously faster than Evernote. Evernote installed in PC or Mac has many other great functionalities than RLF, as it is not concerned with this topic, we are not discussing it here.

4. LastPass Password Manager with Form Filling

This extension remembers or updates the login credentials entered in a login page and use those information to fill the login page and even automatically logs you in when visiting the site again. This saves the time taken for loading the log-in page, entering credentials, and clicking ‘sign in’ button. LastPass works better than Chrome’s native password remember feature because it can able to remember more than one credential for a single website, which Chrome can’t. It also features the form filling functions with multiple profile.  Most importantly it syncs with cloud. The premium version works with all major mobile platforms (IOS, Andriod, etc) Robo form is another password manager, who’s chrome extension is still in infancy.

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