Indian Government classified these 42 Apps as “Chinese Spyware”

I’ve mentioned in my earlier article about government’s advise to delete few apps and not to use it further as those apps could be a potential spyware. The advice is based on the inputs of Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) and National Technical Research Organisation (NTRO). Google also confirmed few apps were stealing user data without the user’s knowledge. What Google said is entirely irrelevant and only based on technical aspects. But, the list of 42 apps government has recently revealed is built based on the activity. To be clear; Spywares are not viruses or malware. Spywares are normal, good apps that collect your personal data with intention of using them against you. In this case, against your country. These apps were sending user-related activity data and their personal data to Chinese servers. The huge collection of very big-data from across the entire country gives an opportunity to understand well about us. This may help them in planning a cyber-attack against the country. If you’re using Chinese handsets running their own custom android version like Xiaomi phones running on their MIUI OS is doing a data sync between your phones and their servers. Practically they have an entire copy of your phone data in the name of ‘back-up’. This is really the worst option you could choose in terms of privacy. We’ll see how safe Chinese phones in our next post. Here is the list of 42 apps that believed to be a spyware according to our para-defense agencies.
  1. Weibo,
  2. WeChat,
  3. SHAREit,
  4. Truecaller,
  5. UC News,
  6. UC Browser,
  7. BeautyPlus,
  8. NewsDog,
  9. VivaVideo- QU Video Inc,
  10. Parallel Space,
  11. APUS Browser,
  12. Perfect Corp,
  13. Virus Cleaner (Hi Security Lab),
  14. CM Browser,
  15. Mi Community,
  16. DU recorder,
  17. Vault-Hide,
  18. YouCam Makeup,
  19. Mi Store,
  20. CacheClear DU apps studio,
  21. DU Battery Saver,
  22. DU Cleaner,
  23. DU Privacy,
  24. 360 Security,
  25. DU Browser,
  26. Clean Master – Cheetah Mobile,
  27. Baidu Translate,
  28. Baidu Map,
  29. Wonder Camera,
  30. ES File Explorer
  31. Photo Wonder,
  32. QQ International,
  33. QQ Music,
  34. QQ Mail,
  35. QQ Player,
  36. QQ NewsFeed,
  37. WeSync,
  38. QQ Security Centre,
  39. SelfieCity,
  40. Mail Master,
  41. Mi Video call-Xiaomi,
  42. QQ Launcher
I don’t trust any of the apps above except TrueCaller. The fact is TrueCaller is from Scandinavian based developers and company. Unfortunately, it is listed here, because it collects the phone numbers and calls history and much worse it can read all of your messages.

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