Remember All Your Passwords With LastPass – Password Manager

Remembering passwords for few hundreds of services we use in the websphere hasn’t been a easy job ever since the born of password protected web services. It may be a cliques like facebook, gmail, twitter, or may be a secure services like internet banking, paypal, e-shops, or may be a trivial sites. No matter what it is, everything need a username and password. Fortunately we have password managers. LastPass is a best of its kind. Apart from remembering your usernames and passwords this also holds the following features.
  • Auto fill – Fills in the username and password automatically when site get loads up
  • Remember sensitive form data like card numbers, address etc
  • Secure notes
  • Password Generator to generate complicate passwords
  • Seamless sync between multiple devices
  • Share login credentials with others
  • Easy browser integration (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, IE)
  • Supports mobile environment (Android, iOS, Windows Phone, BlackBerry)*
Although all of these feature doesn’t comes free but most of it. Don’t worry, it’s free for standard use, while the premium extends to mobile use. Am using LastPass for nearly couple of years as a chrome extension. Believe me, it’s a wonderful experience. But, Never had experience with premium service 🙁 , meaning, till date never used it in my Android mobile. You should try LastPass if you haven’t in the past. It drastically reduces  my burden of remembering password and username for each and every sites I am using. I have never spent more than 2 seconds in a sing-in page of any websites am returning. Hope this helps you, please share your comments.

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