Why no idea is working for you? Why you couldn’t progress?

Why it is hard for me to see the growth? Why am I stuck in everything?

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Why it is hard for me to see the growth? Why am I stuck in everything?

Every day you read more, learn more. Every day you find something that may work better than what you found yesterday.

No path is better than another in the end. In the middle it may look (or truly) better than another at one time; and not at a later time.

Constantly changing your ideas should not be taken as being flexible or being adaptive. But, this means not being firm, not having enough belief in an idea you chose. That doesn’t mean you should never change your decision.

Appending ideas, adapting them is different from changing them entirely favouring a new idea. Constantly changing paths lead nowhere.

Humans are creatures of habits. If you do something repeatedly, you become good at it or that pattern becomes part of your life or even may become part of you. If you constantly changing ideas, tools, paths and other things in your life, then you will be good at only changing things frequently. This pattern never lets you stay in one idea/path even after you find the best/right one.

So how can I keep up myself on track? That too in a progressive path?

You need a purpose (not just a goal) and you need to value it. If the purpose is greater than you, it is quite easy to do more than just try. You also need unshakable belief in your own purpose. This is why soldiers are ready to die for their country. Without a strong purpose, you’re just in it for the benefit expecting it through fluke or luck. That will not give you enough power to cross the hurdles and exercise patience during tough times and continue doing even it is not rewarding at the beginning.

If you want to win big, then have a bigger purpose in your life. Remind yourself every day of it. Act accordingly.

This is what I learned the hard way. It may look like a cliche. Every hero in history had a purpose and the size of their victory is as much as their purpose.

Purpose gives you clarity. If I tell more, it may look cliche. So I leave the rest to your thoughts.

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