Which advice to take for becoming more productive?

Too many choices on productivity? How to choose a suiting idea for you.

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Advice and recommendations shared on the internet (blogs, Tweets, and by other means) are general or generalized ideas and often not for a specific person but for a group of people.

After all, people who share productivity advice (on the internet) need readers/views/followers or for fame and money. So they need to focus on a huge audience. In most cases, this is the truth.

If they wrote it to make money, don’t read it.

Naval Ravikant

The key is specific people need to take a specific idea out of it and applying for specific needs in their own personalized way to make it work for you.

So it’s not about how good the idea is or how well it is said or who said it. It’s all about how you receive, how perceived it and how you applied it, and how well it fitted for your needs or expectations.

Not every idea is bad or not everything shared is for you. You can’t (shouldn’t )try every piece of advice or change your productivity system whenever someone shares it.

If the idea is so promising and too good it will travel long and stay long like GTD, PARA, etc.

If you’re attracted by new ideas, tools (apps) often and you’re making changes in your personal productivity system based on your consumption then I don’t think you’re actually working. Your work has less priority and apparently, your urge to change the system takes more priority than the actual work. In other words, you are not focusing/doing the work.

I’ve covered similar thoughts earlier. Why no idea is working for you? Why you couldn’t progress?

Don’t force yourself to be in those first few who claim themselves as early birds to try a new tool or advice. There are a lot of people in the productivity space trying new apps, concepts, ideas every day and reporting them.

Take the foundational idea that is well-received (proven, standard) and start tweaking while experimenting with your own working style or needs, and then build your own process and system.

It’s not the idea/advice. It’s not only a good system. It’s not the best app you use. It is about you, your own working style, and your work needs.

For some people working at night diminishes their potential for others being night-owl makes them more productive and creative. It depends. Depends on numerous parameters.

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