Drafts (app) now capture text from your voice recordings too (Transcribing)

Recently I wrote about me using Drafts and more on how good it is for quick capturing.

I myself highly rely on the voice-to-text (dictation) feature of Drafts to capture my thoughts all day long. But it isn’t flexible as I had to pause and wait for the app to convert my spoken words to text (although the voice typing is faster, it isn’t seamless yet) and then resume talking.

Sometimes I use on “Voice memos”, but it is hard to process later despite its easiness to capture thoughts.

The recent update for Drafts 30.0 introduces a new feature that helps to capture text from pre-recorded audio files. This is incredibly a great addition. Now regardless of the voice recording app, I can record and get the data transcribed to (typed) notes. All you need is the voice file. It supports audio from ‘video’ files too.

To try it out:

  • iOS
    • Tap and hold the “+” button, and select “Transcribe…”. You will be prompted to select an audio or video file.
    • Share any audio or video file from other apps, including Files and Voice Memos, to Drafts.
  • Mac
    • Select File > Import... from the main menu, and choose and audio or video file.
    • Drag and drop an audio or video file on the Drafts app icon.

This feature is available in the free version of the app. Apart from this video and audio import, Drafts now supports importing text from PDFs.

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