Voice Typing In Google Docs

Google recently introduced a feature to Google Docs called ‘Voice Typing’. If you are using ‘Google Now’ in android phones, then surely you know that Google has a wonderful speech to text processing engine. Both online and offline speech processing is extraordinary. Whatever your accent/lingo is, Google’s speech to text processing engine produces right result almost all the times. It is capable of processing a human conversion, not a pre-defined voice command. Apparently it is not so much difficult for Google to extent this feature to Google Docs. Now you can dictate words to type-in in your online docs on Google Drive. You can find this option under “Tools” menu once you open a Doc file online. Much to the surprise it can support typing in punctuation through  voice.
When you are speaking text in a document, there are several phrases you can use to add punctuation to your text: “Period” “Comma” “Exclamation point” “Question mark” “New line” “New paragraph”
Source: Google Docs Help

My Experience With Voice Typing

It works better than Android’s voice typing. Punctuation commands works most of the time. Still it misses the command “period”. When I pronounce the word ‘period’ at the end of a sentence, Instead of typing a “.” (full stop/dot) it types-in as it is as ‘period’. It misses few words then and there, but still works great even when I talk faster. I found it difficult to type some words that resembles the sound of some other words. When that happens I have to go for my keyboard. It works good when I use a headset with microphone connected to 3.5mm jack of my notebook, which can pick up my voice very clear. It too works good with my Notebook’s inbuilt mic, but not so perfect as it was with the headphone-mic. Overall, I can’t completely depend on this feature and can’t deny the fact that it reduces almost 95% of my typing. At start it was difficult to get the words typed-in right, but after some time it will be easy. It has very steep rising learning curve, means you can learn it quick with fewer try.

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