How to Password Lock Your Chrome Browser

Browsers hold many sensitive information of ours, especially if it is installed in our personal computers/laptops. We need to secure these information from others. So before sharing your device to your friends or before leaving your desktop you need to secure your browser from others. So how to secure your browser? If you are using chrome then here is the solution for this. Chrome doesn’t have any native support to lock the browser. But it is possible with the help of a ‘add-on’. All you have to do is install LockPW from Chromestore. Then configure it. That’s all. Your chrome is secured from other prying hands. Head’s up: This is not a hack-proof method to safeguard your chrome browser. Deleting the add-on files from installation folder and deleting a few register entries will let anyone to hack into your browser. It only provide a primary cover security, not much. When configuring this add-on, don’t forget to check on the options. For maximum security switch “Auto lock”, “minimize chrome” and “security mode” on. This will definitely keep your friends from accessing your chrome profile for browsing. Finally good password means good security. 🙂

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