Type faster with Text Blaze (a text expander) and share snippets across your personal and work accounts.

I was using Magical text expander, until today – on my Chrome at work and on my personal Mac.

I had issues with Magical when I used it along with Google Docs. (I faced issues during printing, like getting extra empty pages printed). Later I found the culprit and searched for other options.

Check my post on Magical – Text Expander (for Chrome)

I found Text Blaze.

A super convenient text expander for Chrome. (It seems, it is also available for Mac and Windows.)

The usage is pretty simple. Check the below video.

An additional advantage is, that I can install Text Blaze on my work account and personal account at home and then share the snippets I created across the accounts.

Sharing in the free version is limited to 10 people it seems. But for me, it is only 2 accounts.

When compared to other solutions I tried before, it is much faster and better.

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