How to make your ideas powerful? & The first actionable step.

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You lost your most successful idea — just because

  • You forget that (after a few days)
  • You rejected it because it looks stupid to you
  • You didn’t complete it (in your thoughts)
  • You didn’t proceed further to action
  • You’re afraid that it is going to fail
  • You’re not ready to invest yourself in that idea
  • You delayed it (and found later that the same idea was implemented by someone — successfully)
  • You ignored it. You thought it was just a random thought that crossed your mind and had no significance. You didn’t even recognize it.

The world’s greatest ideas were just killed brutally even before it was born.

What can you do?

Write it down. (Anywhere, by any means).

Write it down immediately. Never hesitate, never discriminate. If it looks like a sh*t, then you’ve done it right.

Writing completes thinking.

Writing helps you to retain it — for a long time.

Writing helps you to revisit it. Enhance it. Entangle with other ideas.

Writing makes your idea exist somewhere.

Writing your ideas has no bad consequences.

Writing streamlines your imagination. Blurs the line between crazy and genii.

Collect the seeds with(in) you in the form of writing

Will you write it down? NOW.

Remember, if you think twice (to write it down), your idea is already as good as dead.

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