To Do… to Done… & things in the middle…

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Doing is the only way to clear your To Do list. In other words, being productive.

Organising should ease you in the process of “doing”. Planning too. It may increase your effictivity, not productivity. Productivity comes before being effective.

Planning, Organising, Using the best tool, etc., etc..
Nothing is worthwhile if you are NOT putting your primary focus on ‘doing’.

Organise, Plan, and Use all the tools for Doing. Not the other way around. We are wasting our energy, effort, time and most importantly our will-power to become productive in the process of working the work. (A form of procrastination). A procrastination and self-doubt in disguise.

Self-doubt? Many people beleive in the tools, different task manager apps, tricks learned from productivity blogs & self-help books, podcasts and many other thing more than their self-capability.

Behind every one who wants to be incredibly productive, there’s unending search for best productivity method. An exhausting (sometimes unsatisfactory) process of planning and organising to get the best and bestest out of your work. An yearning for a magic workflow and tools/apps. An unwaning motivation for being perpetually productive. And you name it.

The reality is, tools are just tools. Using them doesn’t count as Doing. Automations are not to be counted as Doing. Planning is half-job done, yet it is also not counted as Doing either. Doing only counts.

Don’t wait up. Don’t doubt. Don’t look for other best option. Just Do. The optimising process follows it.

P.S. Spend not more than 5% of your time and energy for planning and organising your To-Do-List or task manager.

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