The easiest & fastest way to learn typing in less than an hour

The fact is 9 out of 10 people is not typing in the proper way. There are people who can type without moving their eyes out of the screen, not searching for keys when pressing each character keys, and faster than others.

Yet most of them are doing it wrong. In typewriting, you have to use all your 10 fingers and in the most appropriate way. If you’re not using all your fingers for typing, then it’s time to upgrade your skill. Believe me, this is the easiest and fastest way to learn perfect typing. And the funniest and craziest too.


Almost 9 years before, I learned my first typewriting with an animated tutor software online designed for kids (there’s nothing to be ashamed of in learning). I started touch typing (fundamental finger movements) in half an hour with very little effort. What I immediately learned is, how to use all my fingers in typing in an appropriate way for each key. Later in practice, I gained speed. I recommended it to many of my students, who found that to be a great resource to gain the typing skill.

The course name is Dance Mat Typing, and completely free to learn. Yes, it is designed for the kids. If you’re an adult, you might feel a little crazy about taking it, but I promise good results as early as possible than other typing courses. All I could say is, there’s no match for this typing class for the past decade.

It’s time to rewire your psycho-motor connections in your fingers for efficient typing. Hit the tutor at BBC Dance Mat Typing School at BBC Bitesize. There are only 4 levels if you’re keen and volunteer to put some effort into learning direction, I bet you can learn “THE Touch Typing basic” in less than an hour.

[edit: 14 Jan 2021] If you want to learn typing from start or wanting to improve your speed, we made a brief one-stop guide for beginners at our academia focused site.

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