Increase your Productivity with Pomodoro Technique

It’s about time that you guys stop complaining about your low productivity schedules that are happening in your life. Finally, we have found out a good old golden technique called the Pomodoro Technique. This technique will make you do your work and complete it on time. This will also make you complete your work with less stress as well. Which is a big factor for many people who get stressed very easily?

What is Pomodoro Technique?

Pomodoro Technique is a form of a time management tool developed by Francesco Cirillo in the 1980’s. This technique breaks down the work into several different intervals of 25 minutes each with a short break between them to make the person as comfortable with doing his/her work. Two or more 25-minute sprints are known as Pomodoros. This is the basic 101 on what is the Pomodoro Technique really means.

The name Pomodoro in Italian is known as a Tomato. Francesco use a tomato shaped kitchen timer to do his work. Thus came the name Pomodoro Technique.

How should Pomodoro Technique be done?

A single Pomodoro sprint consists of 25 minutes. After the 25 minutes a 5 five minutes short break is taken. Likewise, a single Pomodoro session consists of four 25 minute sprints, after the fourth sprint a long break is taken for about 20 minutes. This completes one Pomodoro session.

For the work that you are about to work on first, you must be able to identify how many Pomodoro sessions you are going to need in order to complete the work. Plan accordingly so that you can make yourself free for lunches and other recreational activities. Once you planned the sessions and the time frame for the work to be done just start the timer and do your work.

Once the 25-minute timer starts you should not be distracted or be distracted by any form of interference. The timer implies a virtual discipline on you so that the only thing that goes on your mind is to think about the work to be done. Do not get distracted by Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and even Phone calls. Put your phone on silent and only make emergency number active with a ring. This will make you do the work and sometimes you will even be impressed with yourself.

After the first session, take yourself a 5-minute break in this break have yourself a time to distract from the work. This process will make you a bit relaxed after the work session. Have yourself a drink of water or some social media indulgence this will make you feel that you are enjoying the time that you are provided with. This will make your stress levels go down and think more. As soon as the 5 minutes get over go straight into the action of doing your work. Now put on your previous serious face on start doing it.

After four 25 minutes of work and three 5 minute break cycle take a long 20-minute break. Go out take some fresh air, call your loved ones and have some coffee and enjoy the show. The amount of enjoyment you have in this period will make soo much more happy than you ever imagined. This 20 minute period will make the person that you are dreamt of being before. It is not just 20 minutes think of it as your freedom and right to be happy. It will improve the quality of life. So enjoy it as you will.

Then if your work insists start another session or if you finished the work enjoy your life. You’ll be surprised how fast and efficient you have become with just a session of this Pomodoro Technique. This will improve your creativity and many other personality traits within you.

You will be able to feel that you have your life under your control which is previously dominated by your work. So try this technique and make yourself show who is the boss of your life.

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One Comment

Sakthi Tharan February 14, 2017

This is a successful technique for sequentially scheduled task flow. Especially if most of the tasks belong to same genre.