Get A Glimpse of What Facebook Knows About You

We all know that Internet giants like Facebook collects data about us when we use their services. We know that too, those data are used to serve targeted ads and also for other activities. Yeah, they are collecting data, but, what kind of data? What they can learn about us from those data? How these data are sensed? How much they might know about us? Lot of questions. Technically, it is difficult to answer these questions. Because no one knows what kind of knowledge they have about us. Your “Data Selfie” can show you what Facebook can collect from your activities. Activities like ‘like’ a post, reading a status of your friend, what kind of posts you are sharing or commenting on, etc, etc.. What if I say, Facebook knows more about you than what you said on your profile. Like, if you didn’t update your relationship status, Facebook is smart enough to find out whether your still single or not based on your activities in Facebook.

What exactly is ‘Data Selfie’

Data Selfie a chrome based extension, which can acquire some information when you browse across Facebook. Don’t worry, these acquired data will only be stored in your local machine. After all, Facebook has a way lot more than that 🙁 Based on the data gathered, this extension can give you a glimpse of summary about you, the same Facebook learned about you. To view your ‘Data Selfie’, All you have to do is, install the extension, browse Facebook for few minutes (say half an hour). Open the extension, let it analyze the data and present you the ‘nightmare’ 🙂 I presume that you would be so worried, after seeing the result. But the good part is, out of billions of users they are not going to target you personally. All they are going to do is, they learn more about you and virtually dictate you what to see with those recommendations and irritating ads. It’s very sad to say this, we are selling our privacy for free of cost to Facebook for the mere joy of bragging about us for few likes and jealousy. No Privacy setting in Facebook is going to help you in this regard. Stay tuned, follow us or subscribe to know how to restore your privacy.. Oh, here is the link to “Data Selfie” Chrome Extension….

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