Newton mail app is shutting down. What’s next?

I am super sad to hear the adieu of Newton mail. For me, it was the all in one solution to my email management. Newton mail app is the third of the ‘must-use’ app in my list to rely upon for my day to day productivity. Todoist & Evernote is on the first and second place. I have left with no choice now apart from finding an alternative to Newton. Undoubtedly, Newton was the best email app for me and for many others out there. I’ve tried Microsoft’s Outlook, Post-box, MailBird and a few more for my Windows Desktop. A few other sets of apps for android like Bluemail, VMware’s Boxer, Edison Mail and Hop Email. For one reason or another, nothing fit my needs initially. For the time being, I am sticking with MailSpring for Windows Desktop and Astro for Android. Though it’s not my case, I would ask you to try Astro if you have Mac and iPhone. Mailspring is featured filled e-mail client, especially for Gmail and GSuite users. It encompasses most of the Gmail features inside the app with additional features like Snooze and Read receipt. Yet, it lacks the elegance and simplicity of the interface. Astro, on the other hand, works more similar to Newton with features that Newton uniquely had. Astro’s A.I. features are not impressive, but still, it works like a charm. Using two different solutions is a bit uncomfortable for me. But, there’s no other go for the time being. Still testing some apps parallelly to get a better alternative. Superhuman email app project looks promising. As it is an invite-only service now, I have no words on it. Waiting for an invite with fingers crossed. Most probably, I will be settling down with one email app, after a month or two testing all possible email apps on the market. For the note, I am not recommending any apps now as an alternative to Newton and nothing is my favourite now. I would like to hear your favourite email clients if any, in the comments below.

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