Why I moved from Bluehost to SiteGround for my WordPress Sites

This is not another hosting review or comparison. There’s plenty of sites speaking about best hosting services for wordpress sites. Beware, there are only very few honest reviews. This is purely my view out of my decade of experience in this field. I have hosted my sites including my client’s sites, mostly running on WordPress on various hosts. The list includes India.to, WestHost, Bluehost, Bluehost India, GoDaddy, Bigrocks and few more. I have a cloud account on Bluehost running half a dozen sites. Most of the other sites are running in a shared environment. GoDaddy, Bigrocks are the last options if the client opted for cheapest servers to host their simple websites. Simple in terms which won’t have heavy traffic and doesn’t need any performance and security optimisation. Bluehost is really a good hosting provider. No big complaints on their service for the past 4 years with them. Unfortunately, there’s something, the edge is not there. My site ‘alvistor’ has got a significant traffic increase in last six months. The average page speed is very less (the server takes a long time to serve the page). Additionally, I faced issues in SSL certificates. The site was not ‘up’ for a day due to the failure in the renewal of SSL certificates. Fact that the SSL certificate is a shared one, the site constantly redirected to another irrelevant domain (which is not mine) hosted along on the server. To worsen the scene, few of my site client sites have attacked by malware. There’s plenty of injected codes in the WordPress files. They don’t have a proactive protection against the common attacks and there’s no backup and restore service which comes as a free feature with any of the hosting plan. It may be my bad luck for all these things to happen at same time. These are the reason more than enough to switch to another hosting. I was looking for fully managed hosting like Kinsta, WP-Engine. But it’s too costly and allows only one site per hosting plan. I don’t earn that much from my client 🙂 The search for best reliable, secure hosting ended with SiteGround. Quick points that made me go for SiteGround immediately are
  • Price point – Very low pricing
  • Free backup and restore (Automated backup)
  • SSD HardDisk
  • Proactive security with WordPress Optimization
  • In-house caching technology –
  • Free and automated SSL from Let’s Encrypt
  • Easy Automated Setup for CDN (CloudFlare)
  • Finally and foremost important reason is their Support. (Felt overwhelmed during site migrations.)
Planning to buy a hosting plan or switch/migrate? There’s no need to read any more reviews, just opt for SiteGround. Bluehost is not bad, but not as good as Siteground. I still using Bluehost to run few WordPress installs of my clients and friends.

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