“Legend” (App) is for Deep Work, while Roam, Logseq, Obsidian are for Knowledge Management

New bi-directional linking notes for managing tasks and notes for deep work.

LegendApp is a new kid in a bi-directional-linking-app town. This app focuses on “work” management instead of knowledge.

I’ve seen people using Roam, Logseq, and even obsidian for managing all their action-oriented (todo, events and task assigning, project management etc) contents. But in reality many failed as these apps are not work-management apps, rather the opposite, knowledge management/idea tool.

What if Roam is cloned with the focus of managing all your tasks, calendar events and even your projects and communications like email? The answer would be look like legendapp.com

I’ve tried it for a week, in the end to find it is not my cup of tea. Because I’ve a well-performing productivity system in place and I don’t want to disturb it as long as it works for me.

This app reminds me of Obsidian mostly but Roam at first sight. Even though the bi-directional linking feature is sparkling, the approach on how to use it is entirely different from Roam, Obsidian, etc.

The note content is sortable, (yes it follows “a line is a block” principle followed by RoamResearch) but the note contains task, a statement of note combined with priority, tags, and calendar setup with a email window. If you see all these in one window of the app, that should be clumsy. Surprisingly, the app looks nice, clean and organized.

The concept reminds me of an app NotePlan which combines task, notes and calendar in one place. I tried that and wrote this after -> Is the “NotePlan 3” app worth the hype? Likewise this app tries to combine multiple forms of data into one.

Legend is far more sophisticated than any other app in the list. You should try it at least once. You’ll definitely like it even though it is not what you need right now. Or to switch immediately.

If you create many notes in this app like we do in note-taking, then there’s a huge risk of things go missing in the crack or you’ll eventually find it hard to use later. The idea is to create only one document / note for one project.

You can see this one document in various customised view. You can see things as outline, sorted in any way you want (created, priority), with a huge set of filter options, and ability to see same or different note in different pane.

You need to get acquainted with the app as there’s a different terms used for different contents and its containers. Board, Pane, Item. Board is like a Graph in RoamResearch, while an item is similar to a page and pane is a window to see them.

You can access email (I haven’t tried it) and your calendar within this app, side by side. It has a bit of a learning curve that will eat up your time and energy before switching to use this app for daily use.

The free plan is all you need for personal use. Check out the app and decide yourself at https://legendapp.com/

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