From Cluttered Inbox to Organized Lists with Sortd

Now e-mail has become the primary, acceptable and official means of communication. Reading and responding to a mail is not enough. Most of the e-mails from your peers need more than a response to it.

Different Mail Needs Different Lists

A mail is not just a single list, an email may fall into different list,  a task list, a to do list, a list of emails that need some actions to be taken, some needs to responded later. So putting a mail in an appropriate list will make it easy to handle your mail box. Gmail Labels is one of the Gmail feature that will help you to manage multiple lists. Still it seems cluttered to have it in same long list as the UI doesn’t give you the full perspective of your mailbox.


Sortd is a new smart skin for Gmail users which help you to manage your emails as list. It is a layer which looks like an overhauled UI (user interface) of your Gmail web view. It supports drag and drop, change of subject line and few other feature to organize your inbox as a list. Other than the default list you can add some custom lists.

Review of Sortd

I am using Inbox by Gmail as my primary email app. It served me well till now. Am not a tidy freak yet I like my inbox a cleaner and organized one. I believe a well-organized mail management aids and improves your productivity. Sortd give me a different experience, which gave me a bird’s view-like experience over my mailbox. It is more organized than it was before. I recommend it. Caveat; it is still in beta and invite only (for now), so the service may not as reliable as it has to be. Personally it has not become my choice because I need some time to adapt to it, which I don’t have as I am much used to ‘Inbox by Gmail’.

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