DigiLocker For Indians – Organize Your Government Issued Documents

Government of India has provided a way to organize your digital documents and digital certificates that has been issued by  government organization. This is not simply a cloud storage to store your digital documents online, it is more than that. By storing your documents, certificates online you can virtually carry it anywhere. Also, in future digitalized government offices can pull your certificates or documents through this services, so verifying it won’t take longer for them. There is a section called ‘Issued Documents’ which will have your documents or certificates which were issued by other government bodies or any other organization who were registered as a issuer. One thing you have to know is without an Aadhar Card you can’t create an account in DigiLocker. So by this your account and your Aadhar number is connected. Now (January 2016) I have already uploaded few of my certificates and other documents such as PAN, Driving License. You’ll have 1 GB of space to store your data at DigiLocker. Fellow Indian, grab your space at DigiLocker.

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