Disclaimer 🤷🏻‍♂️

The full disclaimer is here. Following is the non-TL;DR version of it.

  • The sole intention Alvistor is to only share and help.
    • ☠️I am not responsible for any bad consequence you face using any information provided. Basically the risk is yours.
    • ⚠️I share something that worked for me well, it does not necessarily have to work for everyone.
    • Sometimes I am brilliant, sometimes stupid. So don’t rely on me completely and don’t get offended too. (Please contact me in case if you have a genuine issue on my content)
  • I am only responsible for what I say, but I am not responsible for what you understand and how you use it.
    • The information provided is purely for educational purpose. I am not responsible if you misuse them.

Mandatory / FTC Disclosure

Affiliate links 🔗

Occasionally I use affiliate links to the product I recommend which I will be recommending even if there’s no affiliate program for that. I never recommend a product which I myself not using. It’s not aesthetically nice to disclose this everywhere I use an affiliate link. Instead, assume that for every product (apps, services, courses, tools) I recommend/use, I may earn a fraction of commission from the seller of the product which will never cost you even a dime extra.

Why affiliate links? I have to pay the bills 🙂to run this site, that includes cost like hosting, mailing servers, premium plugins, and other services. I assure you most of the money earned through these affiliate links are re-invested in here again to make the site better and serve you better. Every once in a while I would buy some productivity service and cool gadgets from those earnings.

Endorsement 👍

Review and recommendations of any product are completely independent and not under any influence of anyone related to the product. I am in the teaching profession, so I can assure you I am not working with or for any of the company or products I recommend, so in turn I never make a biased review.

But I may receive a token of love from those product makers which is not in the form of money. But such as a free book, a t-shirt, a free meal, a coffee, a pro version of the software licence, coupons, meeting time to spend with the product maker, reduction in the price of the product etc. But remember I will recommend these products even if there are no benefits.

Advertisement Policy 🙅‍♂️

I am not running this site for money or perks, though this site requires a lot of effort and bills to pay like hosting, email newsletter, maintenance. That’s why I run minimal but necessary ads here sometimes. I don’t endorse any products or services in the displayed ads. (You can differentiate the ads from site’s content).

If you have doubts regarding this, please feel free to contact me.


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