Feel free to share your feelings. I pretty much reply to everyone within a couple of days; sometimes quicker than that.

[Note; this is a one-way email address, so don’t use this to connect me in social media or add me on any site]

Save your time and mine by reviewing the following before sending a mail

  • Link exchange and Ad placing enquiry mails will be deleted
  • Product Review: I don’t do paid reviews. I don’t review/recommend any apps that I don’t use personally or at least been tried for a few months. Feel free to introduce me to a new product that you want me to consider or you designed.
  • Post syndicating: If your article is a good fit, I may host your article. The decision is based purely on content quality and accuracy.
  • Guest Post: I don’t do that. (Sometimes I write in some of my friend’s blog)
  • Seeking advice? : I am not a professional psychiatrist/counsellor/therapist, I am not a productivity guru, I am not a preacher. But I am eager to help you if what you need is within my limits. Though I can’t promise anything afore. Please be elaborate, descriptive in your email.
  • Want me as a speaker? : That depends. Send me the details.

Social Connecting

  • Twitter – @tharansakthi – Tweet, DM. (For updates please follow @alvistor)
  • Wanna meet me in person? : I’d love to. But let’s get acquainted through online first 🙂