Best Free VPN for Android May 2018 Edition!!!!!!!

Internet services usually collect all our personal details while we browse, this is where we need a VPN. Every time when you are connected to a public Wifi your data is in danger. If you are an avid internet user that VPN is the best thing to keep your data safe, and we are here to help you find out the best free VPN in the market.

What is VPN

Virtual Private Network securely connects your phone to various location worldwide and helps you with remote desktop access, files and folder sharing, and so on. VPN software gives you a protected internet access by adding security to your public as well as private networks, may it be your internet connection or a Wi-Fi Hotspot connection.



Most of the commercial VPNs on the market actually use OpenVPN as the core protocol of their service. OpenVPN Connect is the only VPN client that is created, developed, and maintained by OpenVPN Inc. itself! Whether you want to set up VPN for a large office, protect your home Wi-Fi, connect via a public internet hotspot, unblock geo-restricted websites via proxy, or use your mobile device on the road, OpenVPN Connect uses cutting-edge technology to ensure your privacy and safety. OpenVPN Connect works seamlessly across all devices, no matter the complexity of your organization or your bandwidth.



OpenVPN for Android is an open source client based on the open source OpenVPN project.
It uses the VPNService API of Android 4.0+ and requires neither Jailbreak nor root on your telephone.

ProtonVPN – Free VPN made by ProtonMail
ProtonVPN - Free VPN made by ProtonMail
ProtonVPN is the ONLY free VPN service that has no privacy invading ads, no malware, no bandwidth limits, and does not secretly sell user data. The free service is supported by optionally paid plans that come with more servers and more features.
Keep your browsing history private. As a Swiss VPN provider, we do not log user activity or share data with third parties. Our proxy servers enable anonymous browsing, protected by Swiss privacy laws.
 Hotspot Shield Free

Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield VPN Proxy is the most trusted security, privacy and access platform with top performance on speed, stability, and security. Hotspot Shield gives you true online freedom – bypassing geo-restrictions and accessing world’s content from anywhere, with just one tap.

WindScribe – Free

Windscribe’s free version provides a free monthly bandwidth of 10GB, which is more than enough for a normal user. One of the best VPN in the freemium category with ease of use and simplicity. Try it.

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