Better inbox management – using ‘+’ sign in your gmail address

Apparantly gmail does the great job of filtering/segregating your emails for you. From filtering spam to prioritizing the mails received, gmail is doing its good job. Still, it’s definitely a painful process to manage the inbox. Gmail has a special feature to collect and group the mails using filters. These filters can be created by the user himself by defining simple rules/logic. You can filter your mails based on the sender, subject line, content of the mail, date received, etc, etc…

Different “email address” for different purpose.. But one inbox..

You can use different email ID for different purpose. I’m not meant to say you have to create new email accounts. Instead you can use your current single mail ID by marking up with some additional words to create many mail address for different purpose. You can use ‘+’ at the end of your username in your gmail address to achieve this. Read this article on how to create instant gmail address for better understanding on this. let’s say, I have my mail ID as Now I gave my email address as to others who are going to send some important mails in future.

filter your mail based on to which address it is sent…

Now all I have to do is create a filter based on the “to” address. So that the mails which will be sent to “” will be grouped and labelled.

How to create the filter and label incoming mails

go to your inbox page (in
Click the down arrow in search box
Click the down arrow in search box
Type the 'to' address. In this case it is "
Type the ‘to’ address. In this case it is “
Assign the filtered mail with a label of your choice
Assign the filtered mail with a label “urgent” (or) label of your choice
All the messages sent to “” will be now in your inbox labelled as “urgent”.
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