Understanding Phishing With Example

Have you ever heard the words ‘phishing’, ‘spoofing’ before? Most of us thinking that phishing and spoofing are same but it is not and we think that spoofing is a type of hacking and again it is big ‘NO’.


[sniplet postads] spoofing is delivering a website which is pretending like a legitimate website to deceive or impost the viewers who visiting the website. Here no means of user information is collected for example: ebay spoof. A duplicate website pretends like a original ebay site where an user came and pays some amount for some purchase where originally no purchase is made all the paid money flows to the fraud or imposter’s credit card account.


[sniplet postads] Phishing causes some serious problem because here your information is collected. “Fishing” the term changed to “phishing” represents the hacker spreads the fish net or hook to every body in the internet but only few were victimized. Consider some fake login page of paypal which was created and owned by a hacker, you entering your username and password in that page thinking that you are trying to log in to paypal, as soon as you click the login button of the page the username and password was sent to the hacker. Now Hacker has every control of your paypal account. [sniplet postads] The picture shows the example of two fake login pages of two famous email providers. These login pages looks like very same to the original. The links to this fake login pages were sent by emails and when some body clicks the link they will be brought to this page. If they enter their username and password then it will record it and forwards the page to the original login page. In this phishing attack the phishing mails will be sent in at least thousands if not so in millions. Out of this large numbers very few only victimized. So all the spoof are not phishing attack. spoof is a general attack where the consequence is not high as from the phishing.

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