SMS Merge Using Google Spreadsheet and Way2Sms

I hope you all know what ‘mail merge’ is. Think of the same with SMS or (text message) instead of mail. I just made a ‘hack’ to do SMS merge using “” and Google Spreadsheet. Way2sms won’t allow you to send SMS from outside their site. So you need a hack to get access to their server to send the desired message to desired phone number. I will explain how I found this hack in my further article. Now we just skip to how to do this so-called SMS merge.


  1. Data (to send as sms) in spreadsheet with Recipient phone number
  2. account in – username & password
  3. Google Drive account
  4. Common sense. Basic sense of using Spreadsheet/Excel, copy-paste

Disclaimer may not be happy that if you send SMS like this. I am not responsible for blocked account in, economic crisis, nuclear war, etc, etc… You’ll responsible for anything happens after following this…

1. Composing Message Text from data/information

You may have many cells of data in your spreadsheet. Use the common sense to combine it to one message. (Demo included with the template spreadsheet. [see, sheet-2])

sms-merging2. Getting the template sheet

Make a copy of the ‘Google spreadsheet’ to your ‘Google Drive’ account. You need to be signed in to your google account before clicking the following link. Just click the following link and make a copy.

Google Spreadsheet Template for SMS Merger

3. Get the Site-URL and Token

This step is to get authenticated and authorized from way2sms to send SMS as you. To do this you have to get signed into (don’t close it until all your messages been sent out from spreadsheet). Once signed you need to copy the site-url and token, then paste it into the spreadsheet template in proper place. Check out the below animation to see how to do this.
Copy URL and Token
Copy URL and Token

4. Copy & Paste – Phone Numbers and Message

Copy and paste your composed messages from Step 1 with the corresponding phone numbers in the ‘spreadsheet template’.

5. Send them in clicks

In the “Message URL” of the template link to send the message are populated automatically. (all those code to create the link is already pre-written in your copy of template). Now click the links one by one to send them. (sorry no automation here, as Google script has no options to do that). Don’t hurry, give few seconds gap between sending one and next sms. (or else you’ll be blocked by way2sms)

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What if something is not working as told in this article? Check twice before say it is not working.. This article was written in September 2016. May be way2sms has modified their system of operation that will overcome this hack. Why the messages are not sent automatically? First, Google scripts won’t allow firing an external url. Secondly, way2sms will block your account if too many sms is sent in short time. So sorry, you have to click the link manually to send. What are the limitations? way2sms has 100 sms/day limitation. If you have 2 accounts then you have to login to the second account and change the site-url and token again in the template to make it work again. 140 Characters/SMS.. The template will highlight the cells in red, if the message is more than 140 chars. The messages to DND registered numbers won’t be delivered. Register for DND and Stop Receiving Annoying SMS and Calls – [India] Do I have to change this site-URL and token every time? Yes, Once for every session. How this script is working? Check the next article of this blog Your question/doubt not answered? Write them below in comments section.

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Sakthi Tharan February 10, 2017

This hack works to till date

Shanmuganathan M February 10, 2017

Hi Folks, when you copy the site URL as said in step 3, Make sure you have copied the entire URL.

Sakthi Tharan February 10, 2017

thanks for the screenshot 🙂

Ajith Srikumar February 15, 2017

This hack really deserve a big up vote. It saves a lot of time for our college professors while sending the test results via SMS to home. Kudos to @tharansakthi:disqus