Routine (an app) is a blend of Things 3 and Fantastical.

Routine app combines tasks, calendars, and notes at one place to plan efficiently.

Routine is a budding day planner app or I should say an all-in-one app that combines tasks, notes, and calendars in one single place.

The app is still in its early stage and looks promising to fulfill the needs that other similar apps failed to. I don’t want to talk about team apps like and similar others.

Routine brings the tasks from different sources like Notion, Gmail, Slack, etc. That means can send the tasks from different places and see all of them in one place for better decision making while scheduling during the weekly review.

Routine is now only available for Mac and iOS.

I use Things 3 as a task manager and Fantastical as my calendar app. Routine is a ‘blend’ of these both. The app retains the functional features and user experience of Things 3 and Fantastical while playing to be both. Some handy features that are available with Routines are

  • Natural Language Processing (for adding tasks and events)
  • Quick entry view (if you’re using Things 3, you can quickly add a task from anywhere by just clicking Ctrl + Space)
  • Neat Polished design
  • default “Inbox” setup
  • designed for Mac and iOS

Other things I like about Routine are,

  • ability to see tasks that are not timed (with no due time) at the bottom of each day in the calendar view.
  • Ability to bring in tasks from different sources
  • Ctrl + Space -> shows the dashboard with the right amount of information to glance

I will put up a review after having my hands on it. Until then check their Routine’s YouTube Channel for a better understanding of how this app works.

Routine is invite-only to access. Just sign-up here to access it early.

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