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E-mail is considered as the most primary and reliable form of communication, since the dawn of the internet. It has managed to retain its spot of significance in communication, where it is must for people to own a mail account to prove their presence online.

All the major E-mail service providers including Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail are feature-rich and provides huge specs from storage space, security to itty bitty things. But none of them leaves the user with complete privacy (iCloud users are blessed with little more privacy). Skipping the talk about lack of privacy in service provided by giants like Google, Microsoft, Yahoo and others, let us talk about Proton Mail. The mail service focused purely on privacy and anonymity on the internet.

Proton Mail, the mail service found by a group of scientist who has a shared vision of more secure and private internet for common people. The company is Swiss-based, so your privacy is heavily backed by strict Switzerland laws. Your email data is buried deep for security. Oh yes, literally their servers are under 1000 meters solid rocks of the Swiss mountain apart from the tight end-to-end encryption they offer by default.

The end-to-end encryption works only if both sending and receiving party own a Proton mail email account. Yet, they offer top-class privacy for normal mail sent to other normal mail accounts. When it comes to privacy, it preserves the anonymity when you own an account in Proton mail. That means you don’t have to give all your (true) personal details to create and operate an email account in Proton mail servers.

Proton mail web-based UI is modern, accessible and intuitive. They have their own, a nicely designed app for Android and iOS. You don’t have to be a techie to use the service. The E-mail is more functional rather than with unnecessary gimmick features.

Though it is not everyone’s choice, it is worth to have an account in Proton mail for occasional use. But if you have more concern about your privacy, then just switch to Proton mail. The free version offers 5 GB of space, which is more than enough for a common man. Yet, the premium version with higher features worth every penny.

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