Most Talented people are not successful. Here’s the reason why.

Most talented people are perfectionists.

They won’t delegate — out of fear that the other person might perfect it.

They want to do everything by themselves. But if they invest their time spent on non-core tasks they will accomplish much greater outcomes.

Perfection is the enemy of progress.

For them, significant or insignificant, they want everything should be done their way.

They can’t compromise with the results.

Do you know the Pareto’s Principle?

80% of the outcome will be from the 20% work.

To achieve the remaining – final 20% outcome (perfecting) you may need to put 80% of your time and effort.

So they put a lot into reaping less.

For them, the ROI is always less. They suck at managing resources and marketing.

Most talented players are bad team players. And they have less emotional intelligence.

If you want to move fast — go alone

If you want to go a long way – take your team with you.

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