Microsoft’s SMS Organizer app declutters and organises SMS’s smartly for you

Get control of your SMS inbox. Machine learning based smart SMS app.

Microsoft created an app for SMS management as their garage project. The Hyderabad, India based team developed this app launched first in India, now extended but limited to other parts of the world US, UK and Australia.

The SMS’s client has distinct sections for messages based on their category and importance.

  • Messages
    • Personal
    • Transactions
    • Promotions
    • Starred
  • Reminders
  • Finance
  • Offers

The app uses machine learning algorithms to distinguish and segregate the messages to put them in the above-mentioned categories. So far, it never made a mistake in 6-month usage. The less important or spam messages fall into the ‘Promotions’ folder, which comes with a handy setting to automatically delete the month-old messages. You can tweak the settings even to a week.

Messages automatically segregated in 3 Categories

This app works offline well, as the processings are in-app, within the device. It can read a message and present them neatly, more human-readable form for quick understanding. It can convert a credit card bill reminder to reminders based on processing the due date in the message and present it as an actionable card. Even your online purchases, Train reservations, Flight tickets, Hotel bookings, movie tickets and many more. (see below screenshots)

The finance section is cool. The developers brought the game to a different level. Based on the transactional messages, the app can estimate your bank balance, credit dues on your credit cards, even your digital wallet account balance. It literally reduced my time browsing through messages or checking my bank app. Though it is not accurate, as it depends on the transaction message, it is quite helpful. (see below screenshot)

Finance Section of the app

Apart from automatic smart reminders, you can set your own reminders, tagging a message. The ability to ‘star’ a message as an important one helps me to pick them quickly when it is needed real quick. No need to scroll through thousands of message.

Quite easy to read the transaction data now

OTP messages are real deal here. It can show your OTP message as a snap-in the notification, pretty easy to read it and then delete it then and there. Everything, every aspect of the SMS is nicely played.

The perfect app you need for managing your SMS. It does the most job for in organizing, declutters your inbox in a snap. It has a pretty good option for back up, which you can back up to Google Drive and get them back if you change another phone.

As far as privacy is concerned, don’t worry, your data never leaves your device. All the intelligent process that filters your message is happening as an in-app activity. (The app promises this “We do not upload your SMS data anywhere. Your personal information stays in your device and is not shared anywhere.”)

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