Get notified by mail for Google Form submissions & Spreadsheet updates

Google Forms is a wonderful tool to collect information, conduct quizzes, collecting surveys etc. Google Forms collect all those data and save them on their servers. You have to check them often for the updates happened. But Google offers a solution to this, by sending a notification to your mail whenever any changes happened like a new form submission. There are two variants in storing your form data. One is in Google Forms itself and another is in Google spreadsheet. Getting a notification whenever a user submits a form is easy. You just have to enable this option in ‘Response’ section of the form. If your form data are stored in the connected spreadsheet, then open the spreadsheet by clicking ‘Sheets’ icon in ‘Response section. Now the Spreadsheet will open. Go to ‘Tools’ and then ‘Notification Rules’ to set your notification. After setting this you’ll get email notification whenever there’s a change in the spreadsheet. If you so badly need to be notified of every change immediately then choose “Any changes are made” & “Email – right away” else choose as shown in below picture.

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