Create a personal blocklist for Google Searches

Searching in Google everyday. Across trillions of websites.. Sometimes we don’t want some website to be included in the search result, unfortunately it might not happen, unless you use advanced search options. What if you want to do it often? Want to create your own blocklist of websites, without any complicated procedures? Google has chrome extension for it. Yes the extension is developed by Google, for you. Just enlist the sites you browse which you don’t want to see in future search results. Google uses this list to remove those pages from the listed sites in your search results. Its seamlessly updated, if you remove/add one site in the list it immediately reflects in your next search result. Every time you make a search query, this extension appends the blacklist to your query silently in the background. This extension works like a charm. Though it has a basic UI, functionally it is advanced. Get it from Chrome Store. It helped me to omit few creepy websites that somehow crawled to the top of search list which often has nothing I wanted. There’s numerous copycat content websites like that.  

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